• "One Piece" 1042 is scheduled to release on Sunday
  • The upcoming chapter might reveal why the Gorousei came up with a new order
  • Raw scans might surface online sometime between Thursday and Friday

The World Government's fear might become a reality in "One Piece" 1042, with the upcoming chapter probably showcasing the awakening of Luffy's Devil Fruit.

The most recent manga installment of Eiichiro Oda's "One Piece" featured the huge battle on top of the Skull Dome and offered updates on several key characters in the story. The previous chapter also dropped a clue on what the five elders would like to prevent from happening.

Following the official release of the latest installment of the manga, many fans came up with their own theories on why the World Government wanted Luffy to be eliminated immediately. The general belief within the community is that the Gorousei is afraid of Luffy's Devil Fruit awakening.

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The awakening must be something fans have not yet seen in the series and its power must be so extraordinary considering that the World Government decided to give it a different name to hide its original one.

The five elders on their toes and prioritizing Luffy's death over the capture of Nico Robin underlines just how scared they are of the Straw Hat captain or at least, the awakening of his Devil Fruit. The urgency of their order resonates with their fear of the awakening and how it is going to be terrifying if one is against the owner of the DF.

The surprised reaction of the CP-0 boss after hearing the order also highlighted that the Gorousei just came up with that decision and it was not originally part of the plan why the strongest intelligence organization was sent to Wano. Is this momentous event certainly happening in the next chapter?

It is not yet confirmed if Luffy's awakening will happen in "One Piece" 1041 but Law and Kid, the other pirate captains who belong to the Worst Generation, have already awakened their Devil Fruits during their fight against Big Mom. Fans believe Luffy's Devil Fruit awakening will follow suit considering the circumstances.

"One Piece" 1042 is slated to drop on Sunday, while the early set of spoilers might surface online Wednesday. The raw scans will become available sometime between Thursday and Friday.