• "One Piece" 1069 spoilers showed how mcuh Rob Lucci and Luffy have each improved in their skills and power
  • The spoilers also revealed the reason behind the CP-0's presence in Egghead Island
  • "One Piece" 1069 is set to drop on Sunday

The latest set of spoilers for "One Piece" 1069 seemingly hinted at a possible repeat of the battle in the Sabaody arc, but this time it could be between a Marine Admiral and a Yonkou.

It was a few years back, before the time skip and the infamous Paramount War of Marineford, when the "One Piece" fandom witnessed how each member of the Straw Hat pirates was almost obliterated by Admiral Kizaru, who is considered by many as the strongest Marine Admiral because of his Devil Fruit Pika Pika no Mi.

But thanks to Dark King Rayleigh and the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, the crew was saved and they were able to buy time and train to become better and stronger. Interestingly, it appears that the fight between the Straw Hats and Kizaru that was put off in the Sabaody arc is getting revived in the upcoming chapter.

The latest "One Piece" 1069 chapter, which is now available online thanks to industry insider Redon, revealed that contrary to earlier leaks, Kizaru got permission from the current fleet admiral of the Marines, Akainu, and is now on his way to Egghead Island. Luffy and his crew are currently on the said island and if the fandom gets lucky, a revenge fight between Kizaru and Luffy is highly possible.

The Straw Hats have improved and matured and unlike pre-timeskip, Luffy and his crew have been through a lot of formidable enemies that fighting Kizaru this time might not be too hard of a challenge. So far, the manga did not reveal how powerful Kizaru actually is, but based on his fight with Rayleigh in Sabaody, it looks like he is not the one ordinary pirates should mess with.

Another exciting event that fans should look forward to in "One Piece" 1069 is the rematch between Luffy and Rob Lucci of the CP-0. Lucci fights Luffy in his Awakened Zoan state, which is similar to his slim hybrid form only that now his black fur appears more like black flames and black cloud-like steam floating around his neck, according to spoilers.

Luffy fights Lucci in his Gear 5 form. It is interesting to note that both already fought in the Enies Lobby arc, where Luffy was almost defeated by the CP-0 agent.

During the fight, Luffy is smiling and laughing all the time. He is also jumping around like he was having the time of his life while evading Lucci's attacks.

The Straw Hats' captain uses a new attack called "Gomu Gomu no Mogura" (Gum-
Gum Mole). At one point, he turns the floor into a fist that punches Lucci's stomach, making him cough blood and sending him away.

"One Piece" 1069 spoilers also revealed that there is an ongoing war to take control of the Seraphim, which is the reason Sentoumaru is in the island. It turns out the Seraphim can only be controlled by the Gorousei, Vegapunk, Sentomarou, or anyone who holds the command chip.

"One Piece" 1069 is slated to roll out Sunday. The upcoming chapter is titled "Everything Exists For A Reason."

More spoilers about the upcoming chapter would most likely come out between Wednesday and Friday, with the raw scans and full summary probably becoming available sometime between Thursday and Saturday.

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