• "One Piece" 968 left fans with a cliffhanger with Oden attacking Orochi
  • "One Piece" chapter 969 will show Oden getting imprisoned
  • The upcoming "One Piece" chapter will reveal Orochi's allies and their power

"One Piece" Chapter 968 left fans with a cliffhanger where the Daimyo of Wano was on the brink of cutting Orochi. Earlier today, the summary of “One Piece” Chapter 969, along with raw scans, surfaced online. The new set of spoilers reveal how Orochi destroyed Oden’s name in Wano as well as the devil fruits that Orochi’s allies posses.

One Piece” Chapter 969: Devil Fruits of Orochi’s Allies And Luffy’s Friends

“One Piece” Chapter 969 is titled “Bakadono,” which is a Japanese curse word equivalent to the strongest insult. The cover of the next chapter shows Gotti defeated by a marine with a cap. The previous chapter ended with Oden trying to cut Orochi.

In “One Piece” chapter 969, Oden’s attack would not land on Orochi because of the barrier made by Kurozumi Setsumaru. He is Orochi’s ally and the user of the Bari Bari no Mi. Setsumaru is the Biwa Buddhist Priest who holds the devil fruit that Bartolomeo ate later.

Since the attack was not successful, Oden orders Orochi to step down as Shogun, if he was only momentarily claiming it until he returns. Another Orochi’s ally Higurashi, the user of Mane Mane no MI or the Clone Clone fruit, used her power to convince other Daimyos to declare Orochi as the official Shogun of the Wano Country. The Daimyos agreed, making Oden’s plea useless. 

It seems that the devil fruits of Luffy’s friends are the same devil fruits that Orochi’s allies posses. Bartolomeo is the rabid Straw Hat fan who was first introduced in “One Piece” Dressrosa Arc. He was the winner of the Block A battle royale during the game at the coliseum, where the ultimate prize was Ace’s devil fruit. 

We first saw the same ‘Imitation’ power in the previous chapters of “One Piece” in Bentham, or Mr. 2, or Bon Kurei of the Baroque Works. Bon Kurei later became Luffy’s savior when he stormed the Impel Down and was almost killed by Magellan’s poison. Mr. 2’s Mane Mane no Mi was helpful when he used it to imitate Hannyabal to rescue Luffy.

One Piece” 969: Events Following The Oden-Orochi Confrontation

“One Piece” chapter 969 will show that Oden's imprisonment after he attacked Orochi. Higurashi, the Clone Clone bearer, assumes his identity. With this scenario, it was easy for Orochi to destroy Oden’s reputation and turn his beloved people against him. 

A year after his imprisonment, Oden learns of Gol D. Roger’s death through a newspaper that Orochi gave him. Two years after Oden was imprisoned, “One Piece{ chapter 969 will show the fight between Kaido's crew and Gecko Moira’s crew. It is at the same time that Shusuj and Ryuma’s body is stolen.

“One Piece” chapter 969 will also show what happened three years after Oden was imprisoned. At this time, he discovers that Orochi never makes good of his promises. Orochi did not release Hyo and provided a ship.

The Shogun of Wano murdered the women and 16 children of Hyogoro. Oden realizes that the situation is not good. He hatches a plan and calls his servants. This time, he wants to put order back in Wano once and for all, which is only possible if he eliminates Orochi and Kaido.

“One Piece” chapter 969 arrives on Jan. 26.