• "One Piece" Chapter 988 is slated to arrive on August 23
  • The upcoming chapter might reveal the weapon that could help Luffy defeat Kaido
  • "One Piece" Chapter 988 might show the fight between the Akazya and Kaido

“One Piece” Chapter 988 might reveal the secret on how to defeat Kaido. The upcoming chapter is still a few days away. However, both the anime and the manga bear various clues as to how Luffy could defeat the leader of the Animal Kingdom Pirates.

“One Piece” Chapter 988: Luffy Could Beat Kaido

In “One Piece” anime, Luffy has been training inside the Udon Prison not only by working but also by beating the guards and gifters. In the latest episode of the popular anime series, old man Hyogoro noticed that although Luffy has been beating their opponents, the pirate is not happy with the result. It turns out that the former yakuza boss has the solution to Luffy’s problem-how to hit the enemies without touching them.

Hyogoro showed this technique when he beat Alpaca-Man by blasting his throat without laying a finger on him. The former yakuza boss admitted that Haki is a foreign concept to him, but there is a technique in Wano that can transform one’s spiritual energy into a sword. This energy envelops the entire body or part of the body. This technique is usually used by swordsmen to enhance their techniques further.

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This power is known in the Land of Wano as Ryou. This powerful technique is so strong that it could even hard Logia users. Interestingly in the manga, Hyogoro told Luffy that he only knows the technique that covers the outside, which can be used for defense like an invisible armor. It could also be converted as an offensive weapon, the former yakuza boss added.

Old Man Hyo also cautioned Luffy that Ryou has a dangerous side and it happens when the power is increased. Hyo said that going beyond that dangerous level, the Haki could penetrate the interior of the enemy and destroy them from the inside.

“One Piece” Chapter 988: Kaido Bled

In the latest chapter of “One Piece” Kaido was surprised when the scabbards were able to wound him, with Kiku even piercing his hand. It was during that moment when the Beast Pirates’ captain realized that the scabbards are also capable of Ryou, which Oden used twenty years ago during their battle. It can be recalled that Oden was the first man ever to pierce Kaido and almost beaten him. The latest chapter seemingly hinted that if Luffy would be able to learn Ryou, there is a great chance that he could defeat Kaido when they fight again.