• "One Piece" Chapter 989 is scheduled to drop Sept. 6
  • The upcoming chapter would reportedly introduce Zoro's new partner
  • Zoro would reportedly defend Momonosuke from Page One in "One Piece" Chapter 989

Roronoa Zoro will have a new partner in defending Oden’s son in “One Piece” Chapter 989, according to spoilers. Previous “One Piece” episodes showed the Straw Hats’ swordsman fighting alongside Eustass Kid. But, if the latest set of spoilers is accurate, it appears Moss Head is going to fight alongside a new partner.

“One Piece” Chapter 989: Zoro’s Unexpected Partner

Thanks to omgsoez, “One Piece” now has a new set of spoilers for the upcoming chapter. Based on the latest information, Zoro would get help in defending Momonosuke in the person of Yamato. The team-up is unexpected since Luffy asked Kaido’s daughter to take care of Momo as he fights Big Mom. Interestingly, Page One of Tobi Roppo would reportedly attack Oden’s son, according to the spoiler.

Zoro would reportedly come to Momo’s rescue and since Yamato is there, they would both defend the heir of the Kozuki clan. It is worth mentioning that Yamato strangely idolized Oden and even assumed the part of Oden in the previous chapters. The pairing is also a great idea since Zoro possesses the genuine Sword of Oden, which could later trigger a competition between them.

Kozuki Momonosuke
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“One Piece” Chapter 989: Big Mom Vs. Straw Hats

The latest spoilers for “One Piece” Chapter 989 also reveals Yonko Charlotte Linlin would be up against the Straw Hats. With Sanji and Zoro fighting their own battles, it looks like Big Mom would be fighting against Nami, Frankie, Brook and Usopp. In the previous chapter, fans saw how Frankie knocked down the emperor with his new bike.

Based on the spoilers, it appears that Big Mom was able to stand up again following Frankie and Brook’s deliberate attack. It can be recalled the emperor was chasing Nami and others to retrieve Zeus. While the fandom witnessed how Zeus betrayed Nami in the previous chapter, it looks like the Straw Hats crew are there to back up their nakama.

“One Piece” Chapter 989 is titled “You Are..” The upcoming chapter arrives Sept. 6. There would be no break next week, which means “One Piece” Chapter 990 would arrive as scheduled.