• “One Piece” manga is back on its regular schedule
  • “One Piece” Chapter 993 would reportedly showcase the return of two lead performers
  • “One Piece” Chapter 993 drops on Oct. 25

The latest “One Piece” Chapter 993 spoilers seemingly hinted that sinister things are about to happen with the members of the Ninja-Minks-Pirates-Samurai Alliance. Kaido's lead performers are back and they are about to carry out their vicious plans, making Akazaya Nine's sweet triumph in the previous instalment short-lived.

The fresh set of “One Piece” Chapter 993 spoilers is now available thanks to Reddit user gyrozepp95, who regularly updates the fandom with the latest information about the manga. Based on the spoilers, King believed that half of the members of the alliance are samurai serving the Kozuki clan. Because of this, he would allegedly condition the mind of his subordinates, informing them that if they could kill Oden’s son Momonosuke, the battle would end quickly.

In the previous chapter of the hit manga, fans saw Momonosuke and Shinobu running away from Oden’s daughter, Yamato. It appears that because of the chaos, even King the Conflagration is no longer aware of the present location of Oden’s heir. According to “One Piece” Chapter 993 spoilers, Bao Huang would be the key in knowing Momo’s whereabouts.

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The spoilers claimed that the Shinuchi uses a cat with a paper covering its face to look for Oden’s son. The cat apparently reported to her Yamato and Momo’s location, which she relayed to King. “One Piece” Chapter 993 would reportedly show Sasaki, along with Kaido’s armored troop firing at Momo with Shinobu using her body to protect him.

Obviously, Yamato would not let anything bad happen to Momonosuke with spoilers confirming that she would stand against Sasaki and the troops. Aside from King, Queen the Plague is also back in “One Piece” Chapter 993. The latest spoilers revealed that his weapon is equipped with Plague Bullets: Ice Ogre.

Apparently, these bullets are laced with chemical compounds that turn people into Ice Oni when hit. The spoilers described these Ice Onis as covered with ice, have horns and bite people. The “One Piece” fandom is well-aware of Queen’s special skill in designing weapons that could cause a mass extinction, but this one is just sinister. His bullets not only cut the Alliance’s chance to win the war but also intend to transform members into monsters.

“One Piece” Chapter 993 is set to arrive on Oct. 25.