• "One Piece" Chapter 994 is reportedly titled "My Other Name Is Yamato"
  • New spoilers reveal that a member of the Straw Hat Pirates could have a 'big moment' in the Land of Wano arc
  • "One Piece" Chapter 994 will reportedly arrive on Nov. 2

“One Piece” Chapter 994 would show a member of the Straw Hat Pirates getting his big moment in the Land of Wano arc with the spoilers revealing that he might come up with something to counter or nullify the effect of the evil Ice Oni plague bullets that Queen the Plague unleashed.

The latest set of “One Piece” Chapter 994 spoilers came from Reddit user and “One Piece” fan gyrozepp95. One of its significant highlights centers on Tony Tony Chopper, the adorable cotton candy lover and doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. If the spoilers are to go by, it looks like Eiichiro Oda is setting Chopper for a major ‘moment’ where even without engaging into combat, he could prove very useful to the alliance.

According to “One Piece” Chapter 994 spoilers, Chopper would speculate that there might be antibodies for Ice Oni plague bullets that Queen the Plague invented. His theory is confirmed in the subsequent spoilers when it reveals that Queen gives Apoo Scratchmen an antibody so he would not be infected when the Ice Onis tag him. Chopper is aware of what the plague bullets could do to those infected after witnessing it first hand at the Udon Prison.

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He could formulate a compound using an antibody that could prevent the infection from spreading and heal the infected. Chopper’s dream is to be the world’s greatest doctor and it seems that Oda is slowly laying the foundation for Chopper’s dream one arc after another. He passionately cured the Minks in the Zou arc when Jack the Drought poisoned them with a deadly gas invented by Ceasar and tended the injured until they recovered.

The upcoming “One Piece” chapters could showcase Chopper’s expertise, this time,  with the Ice Oni plague bullets. Meanwhile, “One Piece” Chapter 994 spoilers also mentioned that Kinemon would use his Foxfire style to stop Kiku from bleeding. In the previous chapter, fans learned that Kaido’s Wind Scythe was too powerful that it cut Kiku’s arm.

“One Piece” Chapter 994 spoilers also revealed that the Beast Pirates’ captain would revert to his human form and would talk about death as the completion of a man. The upcoming chapter could also focus on Yamato and Momonosuke hinted by the chapter’s title “ My Other Name Is Yamato.”

“One Piece” Chapter 994 will reportedly arrive on Nov. 2.