• "One Piece" Chapter 997 is scheduled to arrive on Nov. 29
  • The upcoming chapter will display Kaido's power
  • Will Luffy be able to defeat Kaido?

“One Piece” Chapter 997 will allegedly display damning proof of Kaido’s superior power, according to the latest set of spoilers.

“One Piece” fandom now has a clue on what to look forward to in the manga’s upcoming installment, thanks to Korean sources, Redon and gyrozepp65. According to the fresh set of spoilers, there will be an earthquake in “One Piece” Chapter 997. It appears that they have no idea about the origin of this earthquake.

Brook will allegedly mistake it for Zoro’s Ambition, while Yamato will speculate that the dragon flame causes the island to shake. Interestingly, “One Piece” Chapter 997 spoilers reveal that the earthquake was caused by none other than Yonkou Kaido. It turns out the Beast Pirates’ captain plans to transfer the entire island of Onigashima to the Flower Capital.

Kaido Fans might finally get to know the identity of Kaido's son in the upcoming chapters of "One Piece." Photo: instacodez/flickr

If the spoilers are accurate, it looks like mangaka Eiichiro Oda is now slowly unveiling to the fandom what Kaido is really capable of. Fans first witnessed Kaido’s power when he obliterated Oden’s Castle with his flaming breath and later when Luffy challenged him to a fight. While his power at that time was only superficial, he easily defeated Luffy in his Gear 4 form.

“One Piece” fandom knows that Kaido is a force to be reckoned with. Luffy too had acknowledged that when he was in Udon Prison. The reason why he wanted to be stronger and to achieve a new form of haki (ryou) is that he understood that his form, at that time, was not enough to defeat the emperor. 

From the information revealed in “One Piece” Chapter 997 spoilers, it looks like Kaido was not serious about fighting the Red Scabbards. In the previous chapters of the manga, he fell and bled from the relentless attacks of Oden’s vassals and some fans thought the Akazaya Nine could finally defeat him with their collaborative efforts.

However, “One Piece” Chapter 997 spoilers revealing that he wants to move Onigashima to the Flower Capital after those attacks are just insane. What is Kaido thinking and just how much power does the strongest man alive possess? Will Luffy be able to take him down?

“One Piece” Chapter 997 is set to arrive on Nov. 29.