• "One Piece" Chapter 998 is set to release on Dec. 13
  • The upcoming chapter is reportedly titled "Ancient Species"
  • This chapter might reveal the powers of Tobi Roppo members

The fan-favorite "One Piece" manga is coming close to its 1000th chapter and according to the latest spoilers, Chapter 998 might feature the origin story or reveal the powers of Kaido's formidable minion—Tobi Roppo.

Reddit user gyrozepp95 is back once again with the new set of spoilers from Korean insiders. Allegedly titled "Ancient Species," Chapter 998 might reveal the power of Tobi Roppo members. According to the spoilers, the Korean insider has incomplete details yet about what the upcoming chapter is all about, but it would be likely about the Tobi Roppo.

The Land of Wano Arc introduced the Tobi Roppo to "One Piece" fandom. Its name literally means "Flying Six Fellow" and it is considered the strongest among the Shinuchi. These characters stand out from the rest of Kaido's crew, which is composed of the renegade X Drake, Page One, Ulti, Sasaki, Black Maria and Who's Who.

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Based on the Beasts Pirates' hierarchy, Tobi Roppo is under the All-Stars. In the previous chapter of "One Piece," Kaido opened another slot on the All-Stars' rank for any Tobi Roppo member who would win in a match he set, but it was later cancelled because of the war. Despite the progression of the Arc, very little is known about the powers of the Tobi Roppo members.

Fans know that X Drake has the Allosaurus Zoan, Ulti has a Pachycephalosaurus and Page One has the Spinosaurus ancient-based zoan. Both Sasaki and Whos Who wield swords while Ulti uses a spiked Morning Star. However, Oda has not yet highlighted Tobi Roppo members in the manga.

Black Maria and her minions already captured Sanji and it appears that Chapter 998 has something to do with her. It's nice to know that the members would get the spotlight this time, if the latest set of spoilers is accurate.

However, it seems that the much-awaited Luffy vs Kaido rematch might happen much later than anticipated.

"One Piece" Chapter 998 is anticipated to drop on Dec. 13, following a week-long hiatus. More spoilers about the upcoming chapter will probably surface in a few days.