• "One Piece" Chapter 997 will reportedly give updates on the Straw Hats 
  • One of the Straw Hat members will allegedly fall into the trap of Black Maria's minions
  • "One Piece" Chapter 997 arrives on Nov. 29

"One Piece" Chapter 997 will allegedly show the downfall of the in-house chef of the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji, in the hands of Black Maria.

The latest set of information about Chapter 997 comes from the manga's subreddit, courtesy of the admins, Redon and Korean insiders. It looks like the upcoming chapter won't be good for Sanji's fans if the rumors are true. Just like what many fans predicted, Black Leg Sanji will allegedly head to the source of the woman's voice.

The spoilers claim that the sounds heard by Sanji actually belong to the two minions of the Tobi Roppo member Black Maria. The sound is allegedly a part of an act to seduce the Straw Hat member. Sanji has a weak spot for women and many fans believe that it will surely cause his downfall.

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The latest spoilers also reveal that fans will see Black Leg surrounded by Black Maria and her minions who resemble Japanese demons. Sanji is indeed in a tight spot. While it is true that he is strong and powerful, he could not get himself to hurt a woman. Fans saw this when he fought Kalifa in the Enies Lobby arc.

Black Maria is one of the strongest members of the Tobi Roppo. Fans have not yet seen her in action, but her unusual size hints that there is more to her than meets the eye. What will happen to Sanji and what steps will he take remain to be seen.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Jinbei seem to have no idea of what is happening with Sanji. It can be recalled that the trio was headed to the top floor of the Skull Dome in the previous chapter. Based on Chapter 997 spoilers, Luffy and Jinbei will be blocked by two Shinuchi, namely Poker and Mizerka.

Both are SMILE users, with Poker manifesting like a rattlesnake and Mizerka as a gorilla. According to the spoilers, Luffy and Jinbei will ignore them in "One Piece" Chapter 997 as they head for the ladder that leads to the hole that the samurai created.