• "One Piece" Chapter 999 is titled "The waiting liquor I made for you"
  • The upcoming chapter reportedly arrives on Dec. 20
  • "One Piece" Chapter 999 would allegedly reveal what kind of debt Kiado owes Big Mom

Kaido and Big Mom are two of the most formidable characters in “One Piece,” and the upcoming chapter would reportedly reveal what the latter did for the Beast Pirates’ captain that made him forever indebted to her.

Since “One Piece” started the Land of Wano arc, a lot of fans have been wondering about Kaido and Big Mom’s relationship. When Charlotte Linlin called Kaido and informed him of her arrival in his territory, the Beast Pirates’ captain showed resistance and disapproval but mellowed down when Big Mom brought up the debt he owed her. This intrigued many fans and triggered them to speculate on what that debt is about.

Thanks to Redon, gyrozepp95 and Korean insiders, the fandom now has the idea of what “One Piece” Chapter 999 would be about. Aside from flashback about Portgas D. Ace, the upcoming chapter would also shed some light on Kaido and Big Mom’s past. It appears that there is more to their relationship, aside from being former members of the mighty Rock Pirates.

Fans might finally get to know the identity of Kaido's son in the upcoming chapters of "One Piece." instacodez/flickr

According to “One Piece” Chapter 999 spoilers, the last few panels of the upcoming chapter would focus on the Emperors of the Sea talking at the roof of the Skull Dome while waiting for Luffy. Big Mom would tell Kaido to leave Nico Robin alive, while Kaido would ask if Charlotte Pudding is not capable of reading the ancient texts. Big Mom later asked where the Beast Pirates’ captain plans to drop Onigashima, and he answered on top of Kozuki Castle.

Charlotte Linlin would blurt out about the Road Poneglyph, and Kaido would reportedly rebuke her, telling her, "Isn't it a bit too fast to reveal your true intention?" To this, Big Mom would remind him of the favor she did for him. Based on “One Piece” Chapter 999 spoilers, Big Mom considers Kaido as her younger brother.

It was Big Mom who gave Kaido the Uo Uo no Mi devil fruit on God Valley. The spoilers do not only reveal what Kiado owes Big Mom but also shed light on one of the greatest mystery in “One Piece,” that is his devil fruit. Kaido’s devil fruit is a mystical type, the rarest of its kind, and by far the only one who possesses such kind in “One Piece.”

With “One Piece” drawing close to its 1,000th chapter, it seems like Oda is slowly revealing some of the mysteries in the manga that fans have long been intrigued about. “One Piece” Chapter 999 drops on Dec. 20.