• "One Piece" Chapter 1000 is titled "Straw Hat Luffy"
  • The upcoming chapter is set to arrive in the first week of January 2021
  • The outcome of the Luffy vs Kaido fight is reportedly hinted in "One Piece" Chapter 1000

Some details about “One Piece” Chapter 1000 may have already given away the outcome of the Kaido vs. Luffy fight.

“One Piece” is set to release its 1000th chapter in 2021 and fans are elated, especially that spoilers are already rife online. The upcoming manga installment is titled “Straw Hat Luffy” and some fans could not help but speculate about it. On the manga’s subreddit, user and reliable insider Redon noticed that the chapter’s title is the same one that Oda used in “One Piece” Chapter 2.

While to some the title reveals nothing much, it’s interesting that in “One Piece” Chapter 2, Luffy beat Alvida, the first villain introduced in the hit manga series. Also, Alvida wields a spiked club that looks exactly the same as Kaido’s. Even Alvida’s design features a striking similarity with that of the Beasts Pirates’ captain.

Dubbing challenge video > TV animation " One Piece " dubbing challenge ~ Luffy VS Kaidou edition
Dubbing challenge video > TV animation " One Piece " dubbing challenge ~ Luffy VS Kaidou edition One Piece YouTube Channel

Does this mean that Luffy would defeat Kaido in “One Piece” Chapter 1000, or in its succeeding chapters? The answer to that remains to be seen, but the fandom knows that Straw Hat or one of the important characters of the manga would definitely defeat the yonko. The excitement builds on how Luffy or the others would do it.

A few days ago, gyrozepp95 shared on the “One Piece” subreddit a fresh set of spoilers for the much-awaited chapter. Aside from the title, it also revealed that Luffy would be with other Supernovas like Trafalgar D.Law, Eustass Kidd, Roronoa Zoro and Killer in facing Big Mom and Kaido. The Straw Hats’ captain reached the fifth floor with the help of the Minks Tribe warriors while Zoro reached the roof because of Marco’s valiant effort.

“One Piece” Chapter 1000 spoilers also revealed that Luffy will land a hit on Kaido using a new attack while on Gear 3. The attack is reportedly called Gomu Gomu no Red Rock. Will Luffy’s newly acquired Haki and strength enough to beat the most powerful man in the world? Who among the Supernovas will fight Big Mom?

There are lots of questions that need answers, but for now, the fandom just needs to wait for things to unfold. It is just interesting to note that the title of “One Piece” Chapter 1000 alone is enough to hype the fandom.