• Fans will reportedly witness a raging Luffy in “One Piece” Chapter 980
  • Zoro’s fans would most likely get disappointed in the upcoming manga chapter
  • “One Piece” Chapter 980 arrives on May 24, 2020

A new set of exciting details about “One Piece” Chapter 980 is now available online. Following the series’ one-week break, it looks like Oda has prepared something very interesting for fans if the latest spoilers are to go by. According to the latest set of spoilers, “One Piece” Chapter 980 would show the intense fight of four Supernovas namely Apoo against Luffy and Zoro and Kid against Apoo.

“One Piece” Chapter 980: Worst Gen’s Supernovas

The fresh set of details about “One Piece” Chapter 980 comes from Redon on APforums as spotted by Reddit user gyrozepp95. Based on the spoilers, the upcoming chapter is titled “Tatakau Music” and would showcase an explosive and exciting fight between Supernovas of Worst Generation. In the previous chapter, Luffy and the others started infiltrating Onigashima and tried to blend in with the locals.

But Luffy was enraged by what he witnessed in the previous chapter and allegedly goes on a rampage. Zoro reportedly tries to pacify him but when he learns about the oshiruko, he gets furious too. Zoro cut the tower into half where a lot of Beast Pirates are in. Scratchmen Apoo saw everything and informs Queen the Plague what he witnessed. 

Apoo launches an attack against Luffy and hurls a sonic wave, he also cuts Zoro and hurls an explosion toward the captain of the Straw Hats, according to the latest “One Piece” Chapter 980 spoilers. Zoro and Luffy lose their garbs. Kid and Killer saw the entire fiasco and Kid decides to go after the traitor Apoo. The latest “One Piece” Chapter 980 spoiler reveals that Killer stops Kid but to no avail. Kid launches an attack called Punk Gibson toward Scratchmen Apoo.

“One Piece” Chapter 980: Luffy And Zoro’s Status

According to the latest spoilers, Luffy is totally fine at the end of “One Piece” Chapter 980. However, it looks like fans of Zoro would be disappointed once again. The spoilers claim that Zoro gets a cut since he could not predict Apoo’s attacks. Who will win against the fight between Scratchmen Apoo and Kid? Will the chaos reach Kaido, Big Mom and Orochi?