• "One Piece" Chapter 996 is titled "The Island Of The Strongest"
  • It is set to arrive on Nov. 20
  • Its detailed summary is now available online

The full summary of "One Piece" Chapter 996 is now available online and it offers exciting details on how Nami and Usopp escaped their imminent death, Big Mom’s real purpose for leaving Marco to Perospero and what happened to Law. It also gives updates about the fights between Yamato and Sasaki, as well as Kaido and the Red Scabbards.

Nami, Usopp and Otama

Based on the leaked chapter summary, Otama runs away with Nami and Usopp onboard Komachiyo. She explains to the Straw Hat members that they boarded an enemy’s ship to reach Onigashima. As for their condition, Nami is fine while Usopp is conscious but can't talk properly.

It turns out, Hihimaru is with Tama and has been instructed to hold the enemy out for three minutes to prevent them from chasing the escaping party. Nami says that Hihimaru wouldn’t stand a chance against Ulti and Page One. However, Tama tells Nami not to look down on them because they have come to fight like samurais.

‘One Piece' Chapter 962 Spoilers: Oden's Motivations For Taking Over Kuri ‘One Piece' Chapter 962 Spoilers: Oden's Motivations For Taking Over Kuri Photo: Instacodez

Franky, Haccha, Yamato and Sasaki

The leaked summary reveals that Yamato can't properly fight because she is also protecting Momonosuke. Shinobu asks Kaido’s daughter to take Momo and leave the place, but Yamato replies that Oden would never do it. Sasaki’s team has lost many men. He grabs a sword to fight but Yamato begins to transform.

Meanwhile, Haccha chases Franky Shogun, but the ogre hits the floor. It caves in, providing Yamato the chance to grab Momo and Shinobu and escape. She asks Franky to take care of Sasaki since Luffy ordered her to protect Oden’s heir.

While falling mid-air, Yamato hurls Narikabura, which sends a powerful shockwave from her kanabo and easily knocks Haccha down. She then tells Momo, "You have to live on. The one who will bring this world to its dawn... is you!"

Kid, Killer, Kaido and Red Scabbards

"One Piece" Chapter 996 also shows updates on Kid and Killer. The duo is apparently on the third floor and is on their way to the Skull Dome’s roof, where Kaido is still fighting against the Red Scabbards. The leaked summary reveals that Kid assembles a massive pile of metals in his hand and asks Killer if it is too much. Killer answers him that since they are against the strongest pirate, preparation is not a bad thing.

On the top floor, Kaido uses his kanabo to beat the Red Scabbards. However, fans will see the Red Scabbards bloodied in the chapter despite putting up a good fight.

Big Mom, Luffy, Sanji and Jinbei

Big Mom flies back into the room, causing panic in everyone. But she tells them that her business is on the top floor where Kaido is.

"One Piece" Chapter 996 ends with Luffy’s group nearing the stairs to the third floor. Sanji hears the sound of a woman’s voice from the third floor, screaming and playing "Yoi De Wa Nai Ka," which means "That's OK" or "No problem". Sanji is shocked when he sees someone is pulling the lady’s kimono off.