• The full summary of "One Piece" Chapter 997 is now available online
  • Now fans can find out what will happen to Sanji, Zoro, Chopper, Luffy, Big Mom and Kaido
  • This chapter will reportedly show Kaido moving Onigashima to the Flower Capital

The full summary of "One Piece" Chapter 997 offers updates on Sanji, Zoro, Chopper, Luffy, Jimbei, Queen the Plague, Apoo, Marco the Phoenix and Big Mom.

Thanks to "One Piece" subreddit admins, Redon and Korean insiders, the full summary of the upcoming chapter is now available online. Chapter 997 is reportedly titled "Homura," which means "Fireworks." 

It shares that Sanji will fall into the trap set by Black Maria and her subordinates. It also gives an update on Luffy and Jimbei who will be on their way to the fourth floor of the Skull Dome. The leaked summary reveals that two Shinuchi will block the stairway between the third and fourth floor. However, Luffy and Jimbei are headed to the ladder that leads to the hole made by the samurai.

As for the Yonko Big Mom, she will reportedly fly to the roof, through the hole that Kaido made when he flew to the top floor of the Skull Dome.

Sanji One Piece ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER - Opening Cinematic | PS4, X1, PC Photo: Bandai Namco YouTube Channel

Meanwhile, on the main stage, Zoro is furious when he sees Kiku's arm fall. This prompts him to get serious about the fight.

The chapter will reportedly show Roronoa defeating Apoo Scratchmen using the Ittouryou and giving the only antidote to Chopper. The brilliant Straw Hats' doctor learns about the nature of the Ice Oni virus and instructs everyone to warm their bodies to stop the virus from spreading. Chopper will make a promise to everyone that he will cure them, according to the leaked summary.

Because of this, Queen the Plague will be mad and will use his bazooka to shoot Chopper. Zoro sees this, so he will send Queen the Plague a shockwave that will destroy his bazooka.

Zoro will reportedly say, "I'm not here to play your games! I'm here to cut down Kaidou, the strongest guy in the world!!"

Fans will also witness an earthquake happening in Onigashima in Chapter 997.  Everyone will be clueless about the real cause of the tremor. But it turns out, Kaido's Homuragumo or Flaming Cloud is behind this.

"One Piece" Chapter 997 will reportedly show fans Kaido moving the entire island of Onigashima to the Flower Capital of Wano. At the end of the chapter, the Beasts Pirates captain will be seen standing alone and shouting, "Let's begin the 'world of violence'!!"