• "One Piece" Chapter 988 is set to arrive on August 23
  • "One Piece" anime recently introduced a very important man in the Land of Wano
  • His role in the popular series was crucial in the success of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance

"One Piece" Chapter 988 is one of the most anticipated installments of manga as it marks the climax of The Land of Wano Arc. Over the weekend, the anime introduced a key character in the arc, crucial in carrying out the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance's plans. It turned out that the character holds a very important history in the Land of Wano as well as in Orochi's life.

"One Piece" Introduced Orochi's Former Boss

"One Piece" fans got to know Kurozumi Orochi as the person who plotted against Oden and his family to get to his current position as the Shogun of Wano. However, only a few know that Orochi was once a servant before he became the highest official of the closed country of samurais. For "One Piece" anime fans, this contains massive spoilers since the anime just introduced the character over the weekend.

The funny guy in the latest episode of "One Piece" is known as Tonoyasu or Yasu the Hedgehog. However, his real name is Shimotsuki Yasuie and was the boss of Orochi 41 years ago. While working as his servant, Orochi paid Yasuie's generosity and kindness by stealing his money to pin the blame on Oden. Long after Orochi left Yasuie, he revealed that he is a descendant of the Kurozomi Family.

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Yasuie's Crucial Role In The Straw Hats Alliance's Success

With Tonoyasu's current appearance, people in Wano and even the scabbards could not recognize that he is the former Daimyo of Hakumai. Tonoyasu provided shelter for the Straw Hats, paid for Zoro's sushi, and offered Sanji and the rest of the team a place to stay.

His role in the Straw Hats Alliance's success is crucial since he was able to cause significant doubt among Rasetsu prison guards. Yasuie made them believe that the crescent moon on the ankles of the alleged rebels was insignificant. He told them that Orochi was irrationally fearful and arrested people who have it. His last act of courage bought more time for the scabbards and their allies to set a new gathering place.