• Baby Richard weighed less than a pound and was given a 0% chance to survive when he was born
  • His mother, Beth Hutchinson, was only 21 weeks into her pregnancy when she went into labor
  • Richard is now 13 pounds and could soon be named the smallest baby to ever survive 

A baby who was born weighing less than one pound and given a 0% chance of surviving has prevailed against all odds and is now on his way to becoming a healthy infant.

Beth Hutchinson of Hudson was only 21 weeks into her pregnancy when she went into labor, WCCO reported. Children’s Minnesota neonatologist Dr. Stacy Kern and her team said baby Richard's odds looked grim.

"We know that babies born at 21 weeks usually have a poor prognosis, so actually the family was given a 0% chance for baby Richard," Kern said.

But Hutchinson and her partner, Rick, were determined to go on with the pregnancy and stayed optimistic about their baby's health.

"We always had that fear, but deep down we knew that was going to keep going, he was going to surprise everybody," Rick said.

Now, nine months later, baby Richard weighs 13 pounds and is reportedly weaning off oxygen and teething like a healthy baby boy.

"Richard just surpassed everyone's expectations again and again, and we have all learned a ton from taking care of this baby," Kern said.

"[Richard] was 10.63 inches at birth and now he is 24 inches long," according to Beth. "He's definitely a miracle."

"I am proud of him. I don't think I could have done through what he went through," Rick said. "When he was born he could fit in my hand, and now look at him."

The Hutchinsons attributed the successful turnaround to the team over at Children's Minnesota.

"Their staff is amazing," Beth pointed out.

"They are the ones who got us through it," Rick explained. "They gave us the hope to keep pushing."

The dad added, "To watch Richard grow and watch him develop into this happy little amazing person, there’s just no feeling like it."

Richard may soon be named the smallest baby to ever survive, as the family was contacted by the Guinness World Records. The current record holder is Saybie from San Diego, who weighed only half a pound when she was born in December 2018.

Baby Richard is reportedly likely to be added to the record book following his first birthday.

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