hallmark winter proposal
Jack Turner and Taylor Cole’s “One Winter Weekend” sequel, “One Winter Proposal,” airs on Saturday. Crown Media / Steven Ackerman

Hallmark Channel’s Winterfest 2019 movies continue with the premiere of “One Winter Proposal,” a sequel to last year’s “One Winter Weekend.”

Taylor Cole and Jack Turner reprise their roles as Cara and Ben, respectively, while Rukiya Bernard (Megan) and Dewshane Williams (Sean) will also be back in the new movie. It’s only been a year since the first flick debuted, but both Cole and Bernard have been in other Hallmark movies since then — Cole with “Falling for You” and Bernard with “Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa.”

Now, everyone’s jumping back into their “One Winter” characters for Saturday’s sequel.

“Since Cara (Cole) and Ben (Turner) met a year ago, her novel is going to be published, he’s starting his own company, and their relationship has grown into a lasting love,” the synopsis begins. “Now toasting their romance at a New Year’s Eve party, they see their best friends Megan (Bernard) and Sean (Williams) talking awkwardly. These two hit it off at the same ski lodge where Ben and Cara met, but they were too wrapped up in busy schedules to ignite their spark. Playing matchmakers, Cara and Ben ask Megan to join them at the chalet again, neglecting to mention Sean is the resort’s new doctor.”

The synopsis continues: “Soon after Megan’s arrival to the resort, Cara and Ben cook up an excuse to get her to the infirmary. Now alone, Ben asks Cara for a lighter from his pocket so he can start a fire, and there she finds a jewelry store receipt, leading her to believe Ben is going to propose. But while Ben might have marriage on his mind, he’s also got another proposal to worry about. A potential investor is at the resort and Ben has landed a meeting with him.”

He does want to marry Cara, though, he’s just not sure if she wants to marry him. He thought she would want to, but after reading the new ending to her novel, he now thinks that might not be the case. In her book, the lead characters, who were once in love, are now breaking up, and he thinks she might be using their relationship as inspiration. To not let misunderstandings get in the way of their romance, Ben and Cara will have to do something scary: share with each other how they really feel.

Find out what happens when “One Winter Proposal” when it premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 8 p.m. EST.