• "Enlisted" is an MMOFPS with PvE and PvP elements 
  • Players spawn in squads with AI-controlled teammates
  • The game features a mix of infantry and vehicular combat

Gaijin Entertainment’s squad-based WW2 FPS “Enlisted” is now available for download on PC after being a timed exclusive for the Xbox Series X/S consoles. Gaijin, the developer of “War Thunder,” serves as “Enlisted’s” publisher while the game is primarily developed by Darkflow Software.

Enlisted” is marketed as a squad-based WW2 MMOFPS that put players in a PvEvP warzone with combined infantry, armor and aerial units. Players will control a single soldier in a squad of 4-9, with the rest of the squad members being directly controlled by AI. The game went into open beta on PC on April 8 and has been gaining traction ever since.

The AI units in each squad can function independently, but players can also order them around if needed. Players can also freely swap control between each squad member and if they die, they will be able to choose which squadmate to control next. When an entire squad is destroyed, players will have to choose a different squad to respawn with until the wiped unit fully recovers.

Players are able to choose between a number of soldier classes equipped with different historically-accurate loadouts and weaponry, from the standard rifle squad to sniper teams and even entire tank crews. Multiple faction-exclusive weapons are included in each of the game’s armies, like the German K98, the Ross Mk II, the M1 Garand and more.

Gameplay has some similarities to other war games like “Battlefield V,” but the high lethality of every weapon makes the game’s pace feel considerably slower, giving proper positioning and careful aim a higher priority than the run-and-gun style of the recent “Battlefield” and “Call Of Duty” games. “Enlisted” feels reminiscent of “Red Orchestra” more than anything else.

German shock troops with submachine guns in Enlisted
German shock troops with submachine guns in Enlisted Gaijin Entertainment

The game also features a certain degree of environmental destruction. There will be material-specific bullet penetration and structure destruction, but the devs have mentioned that they want to keep the level destruction to a level that retains a map’s original topology, according to the FAQ section on their website.

Currently, players are able to choose between the Battle of Normandy and Battle of Moscow campaigns, but the developers plan to add more content in the future to include other iconic battles from the Second World War.