• Oppo has announced a new smartwatch that will be released soon
  • The new smartwatch looks like the Apple Watch at first glance
  • A closer look, however, reveals that the Oppo Watch is a very different device

Oppo has announced that it is releasing a new smartwatch along with its upcoming handset, the Oppo Find X2, later this month.

The new smartwatch, simply called the Oppo Watch, looks similar to an Apple Watch, but there appears to be a lot of significant differences that make the device an interesting item. Here's a quick look at the similarities and differences between the two.

Similar in form, but that's about it

Those who will look at Oppo's announcement via Twitter will instantly notice the Oppo Watch's square-shaped body, similar to the Apple Watch. While the Chinese tech giant's device can be mistaken for Cupertino's wearable at first glance, a closer look reveals a lot of differences.

  • First, the Oppo Watch doesn't have a Digital Crown on its right-hand side. Instead, the device has two huge buttons, one of which has a green-colored line that indicates it might be used for something.
  • Second, the display on the Apple Watch doesn't curve at the left and right edges, but the one on the Oppo Watch does. “The curved screen and 3D glass will be a game changer,” Oppo exec Brian Shen tweeted last month, The Verge reported.
  • Third, the Oppo Watch will come in the color that's currently not offered by the Apple Watch. The device shown on the left seems to have a nice dark blue color, which looks really sleek.

Other leaks also reveal more differences between Oppo's new device and Apple's popular wearable.

  • First, the Watch Bands on the Apple Watch are replaced by sliding them in and out. An image shared via Weibo in January reveals that this is not how the Oppo Watch's bands are replaced. It's unclear how users will replace them, but the photo shows that it won't be how it's done on Cupertino's device.
  • Second, another image leaked via Weibo last month indicates that the new Oppo Watch is an “Android system” device, The Verge noted. This device, then, might run on Google's wearOS.

Other speculations about the device based on the images include the ability to make and take calls, as well as the ability to send a message to a caller if the user is unable to take the call.

Oppo will unveil the device during the Oppo Find X2 launch event, scheduled on March 6 at 10:30 a.m. CET.

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