“Orange Is The New Black” season 2 officially premieres Friday, June 6. Netflix

Fans of “Orange Is The New Black” who are biting their nails over the premiere date of season 2 can finally unwind. After much speculation and numerous dead-end Google searches, the official premiere date for the second season of the Netflix original series has finally been released. Mark your calendars for Friday, June 6, jailbirds!

The women are back for another round of prison drama, which kept us drooling buckets during the first season. Piper (Taylor Schilling), “Crazy Eyes,” (Uzo Aduba), Nicky (Natasha Lyonne) and, yup, even Alex Vase, Piper’s prison love interest played by “That 70’s Show” star Laura Prepon (who according to rumors wouldn’t be returning for season 2) are coming to a laptop screen near you in June.

Those who binge-watched Netflix’s “House Of Cards” on Friday after the show was released Feb. 14 were tipped off to the “Orange Is The New Black” season 2 premiere date in the form of an announcement at the end of the “House Of Cards” season 2 final episode, “Chapter 26” (the season picked up with “Chapter 14”).

Then on Saturday Netflix released a short teaser or the upcoming season of “Orange Is The New Black.” While the trailer falls short of revealing anything significant about the season 2 story line, it’s enough to at least get the buzz going over the hit dramedy series’ return.

Plus, we get an early look at one of the show’s new characters, Vee, played by Lifetime’s “Any Day Now” star Lorraine Toussaint. Vee, we were told earlier, is a “long-time street tough who ran her own drug business, recruiting children to serve as runners.”

The “Orange Is The New Black” season 2 trailer was met with some criticism from fans who were indignant over the lackluster teaser. Others lamented the series’ late start date. How are we expected to sit quietly until the show’s June premiere?

“4 monthes [sic]! F***!” one commenter so eloquently described the frustration we’re all feeling.

“June 6Th?? this is unfair, i've been waiting almost a year for this show!! ugh,” another moaned.

While we don’t know much about the second season of “Orange Is The New Black,” the show’s Taryn Manning, who plays the yellow-toothed Bible-thumping Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett, said fans won’t be disappointed. Manning spoke with Access Hollywood earlier this month, telling them that season 2 is full of surprises.

"The show just continues to get wild and the writing is supreme," Manning told Access Hollywood in a Feb. 7 interview. "You just get to peek in a little bit more into the characters and you really start to get to know other characters that maybe you didn't get to know in season 1."

At the center of the circus is Piper, who continues to evolve from a New York yuppie into a hardcore Machiavellian fighter during her year-long stint behind bars.

“She starts out in prison thinking of herself as a nice person, and over time we watch her adjust and go primal," show creator Jenji Kohan said in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times. "So even if we didn't get picked up [for a second season], you'd feel like you'd taken a real ride. She's a flawed human being; we all are. We're always trying to be better, but failing."

Want to see for yourself who’s returning for another round of prison drama? Watch the “Orange Is The New Black” season 2 trailer below.