The ladies of Litchfield are back — well, almost. “Orange is the New Black” returns this summer, and we’ve got your first look at what’s to come in Season 5.

The trailer kicks off where Season 4 left off — Daya (Dascha Polanco) is holding a gun and pointing it directly at an officer while her fellow inmates crowd around her. From there, viewers catch up with Alex (Laura Prepon) and Piper (Taylor Schilling), who want nothing to do with the drama. Before the “OITNB” logo takes over the screen a gunshot rings out — but who pulled the trigger?

Here are three must-see moments from the “OITNB” Season 5 trailer:

Will Daya Shoot Or Be Shot?

The “OITNB” Season 5 trailer leaves it unclear who was on the receiving end of the bullet  that was fired. Did Daya shoot one of the two officers in front of her or was she shot? We’ll have to tune in to Season 5 to find out.

What Will Be The Result Of The Litchfield Riot?

When viewers last visited Litchfield the prison was in chaos. Inmates were striking, officers were using unnecessary force and things were getting worse. It looks as though Season 5 of “OITNB” will pick up in the midst of the riot, but it remains to be seen how it’ll end.

Will Alex And Piper Get Back Together?

Alex and Piper spent much of Season 4 at odds. They stopped dating after Stella’s introduction (Ruby Rose) in Season 3, which left Piper with the upper hand. They reconnected in Season 4, but not as much as some “OITNB” fans would have liked to see. There’s still hope, however, as it seems they’ll get close again when the show returns.

Photos from Season 5 have also been released. In them, fans can get a sense for what Red (Kate Mulgrew), Frieda (Dale Soules), Tasty (Danielle Brooks) and more will be up to this season. Based on the pictures we predict that Frieda will turn to Red to keep her involvement in the officer murder under wraps. As for everyone else, it looks like they’ll just be trying to survive in the new, tougher-than-ever Litchfield prison.

Red, Frieda Will Red (Kate Mulgrew) be able to keep Litchfield officers off Frieda’s (Dale Soules) case in Season 5 of “Orange is the New Black”? Photo: Netflix

Alex and Piper are shown cowering on the ground with other inmates in what may be a bunk check or lockdown drill. Another photo shows Tasty and her crew crowding around an iPad, perhaps gathering intel about what they can do to avenge Poussey’s (Samira Wiley) death.

Alex, Piper How will Alex (Laura Prepon) and Piper (Taylor Schilling) survive in the new Litchfield in Season 5 of “Orange is the New Black”? Photo: Netflix

Tasty What will Tasty (Danielle Brooks, center) and her crew do in the wake of their friend’s murder? Tune in to Season 5 of “Orange is the New Black” to find out. Photo: Netflix

Network photos aren’t all “OITNB” fans have to work with. The show’s stars have been sharing snapshots from the set online with fans. Uzo Aduba, who plays Crazy Eyes on the Netflix original series, shared a picture of her and ex-girlfriend Dandelion (Emily Althaus) in what appears to be the infirmary.

“OITNB” Season 5 will begin streaming on Netflix June 9.