• Oregon closer to legalizing psychedelic mushrooms
  • 164,000 signed the Initiative Petition No. 34 meant to legalize psilocybin
  • Psilocybin therapy can reduce the levels of depression and anxiety

The state of Oregon has declared that it is one step closer to legalizing psychedelic mushrooms. Organizers say they have gotten over 164,000 signatures on Initiative Petition No. 34 that is meant to legalize psilocybin, which is the active compound in psychedelic mushrooms provided it is for therapeutic usage.

The petition qualifies the measure to go on the ballot in November even though petitioners are going to have to wait until mid-July to confirm the action on whether it will appear on this year’s ballot.

Psilocybin can be found in several species of mushrooms. However, following the counterculture movement of the 60s, they have become widely known as psychedelic mushrooms.

Recent studies have also found promising results concerning the medical and therapeutic use of the agent. It has been termed as very effective at treating depression, addiction and even death anxiety.

According to the New York Post, a study in NYU showed psilocybin therapy reduced the levels of depression and anxiety within cancer patients with 80 percent of patients, and there were few side effects.

Should the measure pass, it does not necessarily mean psilocybin will be widely available in the same way that cannabis is, currently.

It will empower the Oregon Health Authority to set up the licensing, training, certification and ongoing education requirements for service centers and psilocybin facilitators in a two-year development process.

Only the licensed holders would be able to give psilocybin therapy. It is them who would be able to cultivate psilocybin or own one of the service centers.

The measure will not allow people to take or grow mushrooms in their homes. It will also not let them leave a treatment facility while still under the influence of the agent.

The use of the substance was meant to be highly structured as the therapy recipients went through pre-screening, supervised therapy sessions and post-use evaluations.

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