the originals
Marcel's night with Cami is interrupted during episode 3 of "The Originals." CW

“The Originals” is stirring up trouble on Tuesday nights. The “Vampire Diaries” spinoff returned on Tuesday, Oct. 15 for episode 3, “Tangled Up In Blue,” and tension between the supernatural beings is definitely high in the French Quarter.

With Elijah daggered and in Marcel’s possession, Hayley demands to know what the plan is to rescue the “good” brother. For Klaus it’s as simple as asking Marcel to give him back. However Marcel refuses, telling Klaus that his vampires are uneasy with three Original vampires living in New Orleans.

But Klaus and Rebekah are not discouraged. Instead they hatch a simply evil plan to take place during Marcel’s big fundraising party for the city (Government officials turn their backs on the vampires in exchange for them keeping “their fangs out of locals”).

Klaus gets to work draining one of Marcel’s night walkers of vervane so that he can compel him. While he’s doing that, Rebekah digs up information on Katie, the witch that ratted Hayley out to Marcel. Rebekah discovers that Katie is in love with a vampire named Tierry … who just happens to be Marcel’s right-hand man and strongly distrusts the Originals. Klaus then sets some things in motion.

Convincing Marcel to send Tierry and a team of vampires to rough up the witches, Klaus uses his compelled vampire to attack Katie. Tierry sees his beloved getting drained and in return attacks the compelled vampire, going as far as to stake him. As “Original” viewers know, Marcel’s most important rule is to not kill each other and unfortunately for Tierry he broke that golden command.

The drama with the witches is going down at the same time as Marcel’s party, and the king of the French Quarter is happily distracted with Cami in attendance. His perfect evening with his perfect girl gets interrupted though when his vampires inform him of the dead night walker.

Initially appearing torn about what to do with his right hand man, Marcel’s decision is cemented when Klaus’ inside vampire, Joshua, hands him planted papers. Joshua tells Marcel that they found the papers at Katie’s – and they contain Marcel’s secret recipe for creating daylight rings. Believing Tierry betrayed him, Marcel sentences him to “100 years in the garden.” But what is the “garden” you may ask? An underground layer where he buries those that betray him.

As Marcel sentences Tierry, Cami watches in fright. Realizing that Marcel isn’t the man she thought he was, she leaves the party.

Meanwhile an upset Katie goes to Sophie for help, and Sophie manipulates Katie into using a powerful spell to save Tierry. Katie’s magic sets off Davina, who in turn uses all her strength to help Marcel and protect him. With Davina distracted, Sophie uses that time to use the locator spell to find Elijah. However Sophie’s spell gets cut short when Katie goes to stake Marcel, but has her neck snapped by Klaus.

Marcel’s grateful for Klaus’ help and as repayment tells him that he can have Elijah back. But when he goes to get Elijah’s body from Davina’s attic the witch refuses to hand him over. Arguing that they Originals are dangerous, Davina tells Marcel that she’ll let him have Elijah as soon as she figures out a way to kill the Originals.

Happy over sneakily winning his first war with Marcel, Klaus continues to work on gaining his old friend’s trust by visiting Cami. The human wants nothing more to do with Marcel but Klaus compels her to give him a second chance.

While all the witch vs. vampire drama is going on, Hayley’s reading up on Elijah’s history and learning the sex of her baby. She’s visited by a witch named Sabine who tells her that she’s having a girl, BUT in the middle of giving her a reading she starts having a vision and speaking in a mysterious language.

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