orphan black season 3 spoilers mark castor
"Orphan Black" Season 3 will introduce more of Mark's (Ari Millen, pictured) clones, but how will they affect the Project Leda clones? Steve Wilkie/BBC AMERICA

“Orphan Black” Season 3 will pick up right where Season 2 left off with Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) discovering the Project Castor clones (Ari Millen). The synopsis revealed that the male clones would definitely be a major part of the new season. The synopsis even echoed fans questions: “Who are these new clones? Who created them? And more importantly, why do they exist?”

When the new season premieres in spring of 2015, it seems that Sarah will be the one asking these questions. At least, it looks that way in the new photo released by Entertainment Weekly.

Co-creator Graeme Manson revealed a few details about the photo. Manson says that it takes place shortly after Sarah discovered male clones in the finale. She’ll sit down to talk to one clone, named Rudy. He is only the second male clone audiences have seen, and the plan is to slowly introduce a few more.

“Like our Leda clones, we don’t like to introduce them lightly,” Manson told Entertainment Weekly. “We don’t do a lot of red shirts. And I think that holds true with these guys. How many of them are there actually? Well, that’s part of the mystery too.”

Many fans are wondering about what this means for the show. Thus far, “Orphan Black” has been a show about the female clones searching for answers. There is the opportunity for the show to focus on the male clones looking for answers, too, but Manson says that won’t happen. He is planning a story about how the Project Castor clones affect the Project Leda clones.

“Are these guys going to break the bonds of our sisters? Because this does remain Sarah Manning and her sisters—this does remain their story. So is the threat that these guys pose—will it bring them together or will it break the bonds?" Manson said. "They are definite pressure, and within the season again, Sarah is the lynchpin. So whatever more she understands about these Castor boys, she understands more about herself and her sisters and their origin story.”

So could the Project Castor clones cause trouble between Sarah, Cosima and Alison? It looks like the women might need a new adversary. Rachel could be sidelined for a while. She was missing from the synopsis and had a pencil in her eye at the end of Season 2. “I suppose the main question for Rachel is, how deep did that pencil go?” Manson teased.

However, like the Project Leda clones, the Project Castors are different. One might be an enemy while another could be a friend … or more. When Sarah gets involved with a new guy, it tends to end up being romantic. We’d love for her to break that trend — after all, we’re pretty jealous that she has Paul (Dylan Bruce) and Cal (Michiel Huisman) — but habits are hard to break. Fans will have to wait until “Orphan Black” Season 3 starts to see if they can trust the new clones.

“Orphan Black” Season 3 premieres in Spring 2015 on BBC America. Do you want to see Project Castor clones as love interests or enemies? Share your theories in the comments section below!