Live musical performances have always been the most engaging part of any award function.

A live performance not only generates the much-needed buzz for the show, but is equally essential to connect and hold the viewers.

Interestingly, it's not only the audience and enthusiasts who look out to see all superstars performing live on stage. Even the big celebrities look upon to perform.

The big day has just arrived and the 84th Annual Academy Awards will air on Feb.26, from Kodak Theatre, Calif.

Here is a compilation of some most outstanding and unforgettable live performances at the Academy Awards through the years. Check them out.

1973- Michael Jackson’s Live Performance at 45th Annual Academy Awards

1990- Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory

1991- Madonna - Sooner Or Later

1994- Bruce Springsteen

1998- Celine Dion- My heart will go on

1998- Elliott Smith - Miss Misery

2001- Bjork- I've Seen It All

2003- U2- The Hands That Built America

2006- 3-6 Mafia

2007- Anika, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez

2009- A.R. Rahman