Oscar de la Hoya publicly admitted to cheating on his wife, using cocaine and cross-dressing in a recent interview about his ongoing treatment for alcohol abuse and thoughts of suicide.

I am tired now of lying, of lying to the public and of lying to myself, De la Hoya told Univision.

The now retired boxer de la Hoya confessed to cheating on his wife of ten years Millie Corretjer, a Puerto Rican singer. We are obviously not talking Tiger Woods here, but I was unfaithful, he said.

De la Hoya said he and wife are still together, though they did separate for a while. I don't want to explain to her anymore that I'm doing well. I want to show her, he said about their recovering relationship.

He also admitted to his drug addiction. There were drugs, my drug of choice was cocaine and alcohol, de la Hoya said. Cocaine was recent. The last two years, last two-and-a-half years and I depended more on the alcohol than the cocaine.

De la hoya just completed a rehab program and has been sober for three months. He said his stint was so difficult that at times he had suicidal thoughts.

I don't have the strength, I don't have the courage to take my own life, he said. But I was thinking about it.

Oscar de la Hoya also took his time on Univision's Aquí y Ahora to put rumors regarding seedy photos to rest. First surfacing in 2007, pictures of de la Hoya cross-dressing in women's fishnet body tights and stilettos were leaked on the Internet.

He admitted the photos were of him, taken during an escapade with model Milana Dravnel. He and his publicist said back in 2007 that the photos were altered and not of de la Hoya.

With his treatment ongoing, de la Hoya said he currently attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to deal with his life-long alcohol addiction.

I could put all of my opponents in one ring and battle all of them, but this monster is going to be the toughest fight of my life, de la Hoya said.