Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and wife Louise Linton were slammed Wednesday after posing together in a new viral photo holding a sheet of money.

Mnuchin and Linton were taking a tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing with U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza when they posed for a photo with a sheet of the new $1 bills that will have Mnuchin's signature.

Twitter was not amused by Mnuchin and Linton's latest stunt. The couple received backlash on social media for being "out of touch" as they cheerfully posed with money.

Much more took the opportunity to single out Linton.

Others chose to poke fun at the pair.

Mnuchin's signature will go in the bottom right corner of the newly printed $1 bills, which are scheduled to go into circulation in December. Mnuchin's signature will replace former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew's name. He reportedly changed his signature to make it appear more legible on the bills.

Mnuchin, who is worth a reported $300 million, faced criticism in August for using a government airplane to fly Linton to Kentucky to see the solar eclipse on the roof of a Fort Knox gold reserve. Linton shared a photo of their trip to Instagram, but the negative feedback led her to make the account private.

"I'm pretty sure we paid more taxes toward our day 'trip' than you did," Linton wrote to a commenter on Instagram who accused them of misusing taxpayer money. "Pretty sure the amount we sacrifice per year is a lot more than you'd be willing to sacrifice if the choice was yours. You're adorably out of touch."

The couple also came under fire for requesting to use a government plane for their honeymoon. The request could've cost taxpayers a reported $25,000 an hour.