Watch Outer Banks 2 Official Trailer From Netflix
Watch Outer Banks 2 Official Trailer From Netflix


  • Jonathan Daviss said "Outer Banks' Season 3 finale was the best episode they've done so far
  • Madelyn Cline said the Season 3 finale "tore" her to "pieces"
  • The series' creators said the Season 3 finale is the culmination of the three seasons

There's more to look forward to in "Outer Banks."

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, some of the series' cast members, including Madison Bailey and Chase Stokes, shared their thoughts on the "Outer Banks" Season 3 finale, which aired Thursday.

Bailey, who plays Kiara in the show, said the finale's last moments were "very hopeful" considering the "opportunities" presented to their characters.

"It's a heartfelt ending. People can expect to get a little bit of peace for everyone's characters. We don't need to worry about them for once. Maybe just for a second, everything can be okay. There's a great sense of peace at the end of the season," Bailey told EW.

Co-star Rudy Pankow kept things vague but hinted that things are finally turning around for his character, JJ.

"He might have a little bit more hope about his future — he feels way more hopeful about things than at the start of the season," he told the publication.

Jonathan Daviss, who plays Pope, said he was excited for fans to see the finale because it's "the best episode we've ever done."

"I literally got a text from the director saying, 'Dude, episode 10 is the best episode of 'Outer Banks' ever.' It's going to blow everyone's minds," he added.

Madelyn Cline, who plays Sarah, was also proud of the work she had done in the finale. She hinted at an "emotional" scene in the finale that she struggled to film.

"Oh God, it happens in the very last episode, and it tore me to pieces," she explained. "It was emotionally very, very difficult. I don't want to spoil anything, but fair warning, it happens in the last episode and it will break your heart. But how I felt by the season's end was proud because Sarah has gone through so much and she's come out so strong. She's learned so much about herself in such a short amount of time at such a young age, and she's very, very bada--. She's finally out of the bubble wrap, and it's what she always wanted."

Netflix earlier announced that "Outer Banks" will return for a fourth season. Stokes teased that the Season 3 finale sets up a brand new story.

"I'll just say this: the floodgates have opened," he said of Season 4.

"Outer Banks" co-creator Jonas Pate confirmed Stokes' perspective of the Season 3 finale. Jonas and his fellow series co-creators Josh Pate and Shannon Burke told EW that the third season helped them figure out the future of the show.

According to Jonas, the Season 3 finale is "a culmination of not just this season's story, it's the whole series story that comes to fruition at the end of the season. This really, hopefully, is a satisfying culmination of the first 30 episodes of the show."

Burke echoed his sentiment. "This continual three-season story does come to more of a satisfying conclusive finale than it has in other seasons, though there's hopefully many more stories after this," she told the outlet.

"Outer Banks" Season 3 is streaming on Netflix.

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