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Claire may find a novel way of reaching Jamie in “Outlander” episode 15, a new video clip suggests. The clip shows how Claire goes to collect the personal belongings of Jamie before his imminent execution. [Spoiler alert]

The previous episode revealed that Jamie had been taken prisoner and is currently being held at the Wentworth prison. A new clip from the next episode, shared on TheWallStreetJournal blog, shows how Claire tries to approach Jamie in a novel way. For readers who are unable to access the scene, this video on YouTube also shows the same scene involving Claire.

Claire had enlisted the support of some of Jamie’s friends to help rescue her husband in the previous episode. But, she is seen collecting the belongings of Jamie by promising to deliver them to his next of kin. This indicates that she will not reveal her identity while attempting the rescue.

None of the other Scotsmen appear in the clip. The trailer for episode 15 says that Claire will gain access to the prison on her own. But her rescue attempt may not go as planned, as she is seen getting caught by Jack Randall.

Another trailer for the next episode shows Randall trying to convince Jamie to surrender to him. A defiant Jamie had decided long ago that he would not surrender to Jack. “I won’t surrender … to you … or any man,” Jamie says. Jack, however, tells Jamie that he will surrender before his execution.

Jamie has been falsely accused of killing a man and has been waiting for a pardon to be secured on his behalf by the Duke of Sandringham. There are only two more episodes left in the series -- and fans are eagerly waiting to see if the Duke can secure the pardon in time.

Fans of the franchise who have read Diana Gabaldon's books -- on which the TV show is based -- know about some of the difficult scenes ahead. The events of the next episode may leave a lasting impact on Jamie.

If Jamie manages to escape from Wentworth, there are still many challenges for him to face in future episodes. The previous episode revealed how Dougal had plans to take over Lallybroch and add Jamie’s lands to that of clan MacKenzie.

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Source – YouTube/ Outlander Italy

Source – YouTube/ Outlander Italy