Diana Gabaldon
Diana Gabaldon will write dialogue for Sam Heughan's character Jamie when she pens an episode of "Outlander" Season 2. Pictured: Gabaldon and Heughan attend a panel at San Diego Comic-Con on July 11. Getty

“Outlander” author Diana Gabaldon will be even more involved with the Starz TV series adaptation next year. She announced at San Diego Comic-Con that she will write an episode for “Outlander” Season 2.

“Yes, I actually am writing a script for one of the episodes this season,” Gabaldon said, which received much applause. It’ll be her first TV writing gig.

The author was on a panel with showrunner Ron Moore, executive producer Maril Davis and actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. While she didn’t say which episode she would write, it’s likely one in the later half of the season.

The announcement comes as a surprise to many. Just before the cast started filming Season 2, Gabaldon said she didn’t want to write an episode. “When Ron and Maril came to talk to me, Ron asked me if I’d be interested in writing an episode,” Gabaldon told Comic Book Resources in April. “I said I think not, or at least not now. For one thing, this is a really important season. It’s kind of vital. If anything goes wrong, I don’t want it to be my fault [laughs]. … Maybe as time goes on I might.”

It seems Gabaldon got over her fears rather quickly. “I’m looking forward to it,” she told the audience at SDCC.

While the bestselling author wrote the books behind the time travel drama, she might write some different content for the TV series. Moore has repeatedly warned fans that the Starz show would stray away from the books. However, Gabaldon has approved of those changes.

“The thing that gives me the most comfort is that Diana likes it a lot,” Moore recently told Entertainment Weekly. “She had said: ‘Oh, I really liked the way you did it. It was a difficult plot, I know, but I think you really found the essence of it. You really found the through line that really defines what this part of the journey is.’ So I feel good about it.”

Gabaldon’s episode isn’t the first time she has been involved with the series. Aside from working closely with Moore and the writers throughout the series, she also made a cameo appearance in an episode last year.

“Outlander” Season 2 premieres on Starz in 2016. Are you excited to see the Gabaldon-penned episode? Sound off in the comments section below!