“Outlander” fans are excited to see Jamie and Claire reunite in Season 3. The couple was separated for 20 years once Claire went back to her own time, and her realization that Jamie didn’t die at the Battle of Culloden will send her on a journey back to him. However, their relationship will be different after so much time apart.

Actress Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire, revealed to Elle that Jamie (Sam Heughan) and his love will have a “very heartwarming, very tender” reunion in Season 3 of the Starz drama. However, they’ll have to readjust after things settle down.

“It’s also very fraught,” Balfe added, “because I think anyone who’s spent any time apart from someone that they love, even if it’s just a long-distance relationship, once you see each other again, you have all the expectations, and you have all of the things that you think you’ll say, and the way you think it’ll go. Life’s never like that. I love that it’s kind of complicated.”

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Don’t expect that reunion right away, though. While Heughan teased fans with the news that they were filming the print shop scene, which is where Jamie and Claire reunite in the books, it seems viewers will have to wait a few episodes before that actually airs.

“We will start with Claire and Jamie’s story slightly separate,” Balfe explained to Gold Derby. “We’ll see a lot of Jamie and what he did and lived in the 20 years that they were separated. And you’ll see some of Claire, her relationship with Frank [Tobias Menzies], her work life, her relationship with her daughter [Brianna, played by Sophie Skelton]. And then we’ll have this beautiful reuinon — and then we completely throw it on it’s head, and we go on ships.”

No matter how “complicated” their relationship might get, the couple will stick together. As previously reported, Jamie and Claire will ditch Scotland for Jamaica. The actors will also leave Scotland, but they’ll head to South Africa, which will stand in for the Carribean.

“Outlander” Season 3 does not have an premiere date yet.