• A recent "Outriders" patch preview included a teaser for expansion content
  • The developers are shifting their focus onto the production of new content and features
  • Most of "Outriders'" launch bugs have been fixed

A major content expansion could be on the way for People Can Fly’s third-person looter shooter “Outriders” after a recent patch preview hinted at the possibility of new features and content heading to the game soon.

The latest “Outriders” patch paved the way for more bug fixes and balance changes designed to make some enemies feel fairer to fight against. However, what’s most interesting is that the devs might be teasing a big content expansion in the future, as Forbes pointed out.

Senior community manager SE Toby gave the r/Outriders subreddit a breakdown of the latest patch as well as a few messages from the rest of the developers. Beyond the list of fixes and changes, they said that Square Enix and People Can Fly are working together to “improve and expand the core 'Outriders' experience on all platforms.”

Outriders - a third-person looter shooter from People Can Fly
Outriders - a third-person looter shooter from People Can Fly People Can Fly

It was also mentioned the developers are reallocating their assets and manpower to the production of new content and the implementation of some of the community’s most-requested features. The words “New Horizon” were written as part of the message, possibly pertaining to the name of the expansion.

At the very least, “New Horizon” serves as concrete proof that the developers aren’t done with “Outriders” yet, even though most of its player base already is. The game’s average player count on Steam has fallen to an average of 1,227 according to Steam Charts, but it’s worth noting that this number does not include the players on Game Pass and consoles.

Square Enix previously said that it saw “Outriders” as a big success. This statement initially fueled the possibility of a content expansion or even the beginning of a new and successful franchise for the Japanese game developer and publisher. However, much of the time and effort spent on the first few months of “Outriders” was dedicated to fixing game-breaking issues and balancing the game’s many systems.

“Outriders” has come a long way since its release, and most of its glaring technical issues have been more or less solved. Players who couldn’t enjoy the game back then due to bugs can now safely play through it without risking their inventory.

Fans who want more “Outriders” content, however, will have to wait until the developers announce more news regarding the game’s future.