• 322 NYPD cops, coronavirus positive
  • More cops waiting for test results
  • 3,237 cops called in sick on Wednesday
  • 600 cops called in to fill in for sick cops

Over 300 cops of the New York Police Department tested positive for COVID-19 while more are waiting for their test results to come  out.

On Thursday, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said on FOX5 that 322 cops in the department have tested positive for coronavirus infection, which is a 36 percent increase in confirmed cases from the day before, the New York Post reported.

Many cops are still waiting for their test results and the breakdown of uniformed officers and civilians who were infected was not released.

"These jumps are very significant," Shea said. "What we’re seeing here is that, if you look at [...]community spread, the assumption is that large portions of New York City residents and members of the workforce have been exposed," Shea added.

Shea added that even though they prepare for events, the circumstances that the department is under as of the moment is a unique one, although, he assured that they have a good track record and the department has a lot of experience successfully dealing with crises.

He noted that the number of cops taking a sick leave was triple the normal rate; over 3,237 cops called in sick as of Wednesday night.

In a video to NYPD members posted on Twitter, Shea said that the department will set up and operational task force of around 600 cops to relieve those who called in sick.

He continued to say that the department would prioritize backfilling patrols, numbered squads and said that they would also backfill these squads with detective bureau personnel to maintain daily operations.

The commissioner said that they would also be sending officers on new assignments unique to the outbreak.

"We’re also going to be taking up tasks that we didn’t before this pandemic struck," he said. "We’re gonna be covering hospitals, we’re gonna be covering streets that are closed, we’re gonna be covering parks."

On Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the the NYPD did not need any outside help despite the decrease of functioning officers due to sickness.

NYPD Representative image showing an NYPD patrol vehicle. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images