• "Overwatch 2" was announced in 2019
  • The game was confirmed to feature a 5v5 format
  • Blizzard has not revealed the specific release date of "Overwatch 2"

Video game developer Blizzard Entertainment had recently said "Overwatch 2" will be adding changes to its heroes. Even though the gaming studio has not revealed any changes to the character Orisa, some fans believe she will be among those to be upgraded.

A Reddit user named empathybox pointed out an Orisa rework could have already been revealed in the animated short "Honor and Glory," which was released in 2017. In the footage, an OR15 Omnic was seen wielding a blade, which, according to the user, could be the change Orisa would feature in "Overwatch 2." The hulking robot showed a brand-new melee ability ideal for close combat.

The gauntlet blade was absent in Orisa's current "Overwatch" build. If the upgrade happens, the blade would go a long way in helping Orisa stand out when "Overwatch 2" drops. In fact, the new ability could make Orisa one of the top tank heroes for the sequel.

Overwatch 2 - The heroes assemble for the newly-announced Overwatch 2.
While Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan does not want to give us any hint about the release date of "Overwatch 2," it appears that a French retailer may have accidentally leaked it online already. Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard recently revealed "Overwatch 2" will change to a 5v5 format with just a single tank per team as opposed to the current two tanks. The game developer said hopefully through this "Overwatch 2" would be a faster game. However, this new setup would also require tanks to have offensive capabilities.

It is worth noting this new detail about the new "Overwatch 2" Orisa ability is not official. Fans should take this new information with a pinch of salt, and can only speculate about the changes the team has made to various "Overwatch" heroes.

Even though Blizzard has revealed a lot of information about the much-awaited sequel, not everything is known about the game.

Recently, Blizzard showcased a new map based on New York City, and revealed changes to several characters like Torbjorn. Despite these announcements and revelations, Blizzard is still tight-lipped about when "Overwatch 2" will be released to the public.

The highly-anticipated sequel of the successful "Overwatch" game was announced at BlizzCon in 2019. "Overwatch 2" is currently in development. The incoming team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game is anticipated to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.