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The King's Row Overwatch event skins we know about Reddit

On Saturday, four of the skins from the next Overwatch King’s Row event were leaked. Torbjorn, Mercy, Reinhardt and Tracer are all wearing their costumes from their time on the actual Overwatch task force, repping the bright blue and yellow duds of the future. These skins are all a bit too bland to be more than blue rares, which means there are still a few skins and other cosmetics we haven’t seen yet. Every event brings at least couple really expensive and awesome looking Legendary skins, but what could they be?

To figure out what else could be coming on April 11, we need to take a look at the latest Overwatch comic, Uprising. I’d bet all my SR that the event will be heavily influenced by the King’s Row Omnic event and how the Overwatch team reacts to what’s happening in London. I’ve scanned over the comic closely, factoring in the opinion’s of fans all over the internet, and picked out the most likely cosmetics linked to the story of Overwatch.

blackwatch genji
Omnic Crisis did a number to Genji Blizzard
  • Angry Robot Genji- In the Uprising comic, we get a look at what Genji looked like before Mercy decked him out with a sleek, metallic body. His eyes are red with rage, tubes extend from all over his body and he’s got half a human torso. What must have happened is Hanzo, his brother and bow wielder extraordinaire, took the dragon blade and cut him in half, leaving him to die. That’s some cold shit — every Genji main under the age of 15 (which means all of them) would love to come out looking like a Warhammer 40K servitor.

shrug reaper
A fan interpretation of what Reaper's spray could look like.
  • Shrugging Reaper- This one is more of a fan request than an actual guess. The comic showed Reaper, also known as Reyes, before he went full edgelord and was still on good terms with Solider:76 and Ana. He’s seen shrugging in a throwaway panel, showing that he’s less of an evil mastermind and more of a spiteful dick. Reddit loved that they were adding some humanity and demanded to get the panel added as a spray. Overwatch developers love to interact with their fans and this would be a really easy opportunity.

  • Assassin Widowmaker- In one of the last panels of the comic, we see a message appear on the holoscreen that Gérard Lacroix has been murdered. Lacroix was an Overwatch agent married to Widowmaker when she was still on the same team as him. Talon, the evil terrorists of the Overwatch universe, kidnapped her, turned her skin blue and forced her to kill her husband. Widowmaker’s backstory has barely been explored in game, so I’m hoping that wasn’t just a tiny Easter egg.

  • Doomfist- A man can dream.

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