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Null Sector Orisa Blizzard

Overwatch’s first lore-centric event, Uprising, is finally out on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Head back in time to the heyday of the Overwatch organization, before Reaper turned into a dick and the world turned their backs on the heroes of the Omnic crisis. This patch brings a new horde mode, where you play as Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt or Torbjorn, slaughtering omnic terrorists who threaten the safety of King’s Row. There’s also some changes to Competitive Play and a minor Lucio rework.

Here are the Patch Notes in their entirety, but I’ve also took a magnifying glass to the fine print and found the stuff that really matters.

  • Uprising Event- More than 100 new cosmetics are available in special event Loot Boxes, only available until May 1. Defeat the Uprising horde mode on regular (or in a special Brawl with any hero) and earn special achievements that give you lore-specific sprays. It’s Tracer’s first day on the job and it’s up to you and your allies to stop Null Sector from taking over King’s Row.

  • Lucio Rework- Lucio is getting some loud changes. His aura is getting smaller but more powerful, and he gains more speed when he jumps off walls. He’s already the best support in the game, this should dial his power back just a bit and transform him from a boom box into a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

  • Assault Maps In Competitive Play- Draws on maps like King’s Row happen way too often, so there’s a new system being put in place if neither team manages to capture the objective.

  • Orisa Has A Smaller Head- The hitbox on the big bot’s head has been decreased by 15 percent.

  • New Route On Eichenwalde- Attacking teams now have a direct route to the capture point.

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