Reports are out that Owen Wilson is confirmed to play a major role in the upcoming Disney + Marvel series “Loki.” It isn’t known who he’ll play in his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, although fans have their theories. reports that the character is intentionally remaining hidden from the public eye, as his reveal would likely spoil something about the plot. Variety seems to agree with the sentiment, by stating that Marvel representatives are refusing to answer any questions at the moment, aside from confirming that Wilson will be appearing in the show. 

Following the news being revealed, Twitter blew up with passionate fans and Twitter users. Beneath the thousands of repeat posts repeating Wilson’s classic staple “wow,” there are fans who have some ideas of who Wilson could play. 

Thunderstrike is one hero whose name has popped up quite a few times in the speculation. Thunderstrike, or Eric Masterson, is one of the classic Thor characters who grabs a firm hold on Mjolnir and take over the title. This story is that Masterson is an architect who is severely injured in an accident when he meets Thor and is able to recover by merging with the God of Thunder, effectively taking over the role for some time. 

With Natalie Portman reprising her role as Jane Foster in the upcoming “Thor: Love and Thunder,” with the twist that she is now under the moniker of Lady Thor, it could mean that other pure of heart, worthy citizens of the Marvel Universe could wield the mighty hammer and harness the power of Thor. 

The Disney + series “Loki” is set to release sometime during the Spring of 2021. 

Owen Wilson Owen Wilson, pictured at the premiere of "The Internship" at the Regency Village theatre in Los Angeles, May 29, 2013, will reprise his role as Hansel in "Zoolander 2." Photo: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni