Mike Aquilina, a reptile enthusiast, adopted a baby albino turtle that looks like a small dinosaur. He is currently asking for assistance on names to give the little reptile.

The baby turtle’s albinism has left her with a golden and white patterned shell and a pale body though the most intriguing aspect is the long neck, which gives the dinosaur attributes.

The Florida soft-shell turtles are known for having long necks, but even Mike admitted he was not prepared when he saw the new pet extend her head upwards. The fact the turtle is an albino makes it very unique considering the long-necked feature.

Albino animals have been noted as a semi-common occurrence in the animal kingdom with examples of giraffes, lions, and penguins. However, the albino turtle is one of the rarest phenomena in nature. They are so unique, they caused a stir as in the case of Mike when he revealed his new addition.

They may have red eyes and orange-tinged skin and shells.

Unfortunately, their unique appearance means they are incredibly vulnerable if left to their own devices.

Without the usual camouflage, their normal coloration would award them; the albino turtles are much more of a target for the predators. That makes their lifespan shorter and contributes to the rarity of their kind.

Despite the genetic disadvantage, the turtles seem to be lucky within the spectrum of albino animals. Because of the protection provided by the hard outer covering of the shell, they typically live longer than the other albino species though their life cycle may be shorter than a usual turtle.

For the turtles, albinism is a bit different compared to other species like humans or birds. Reptiles may have one pigment present, and that is why they appear as red or yellow when they are albinos. It is opposed to the usual white, which is present in the albino mammals.

The turtle ought to be called melanistic, considering melanin is what it lacks.

The reptile enthusiast asked for assistance in naming his turtle, and unsurprisingly, several people have used the appearance of the albino turtle for inspiration.

Some of his followers suggested calling the turtle, "Nessie," "Goldie" or even "Brachiosaurus."

Mike is already the owner of a small turtle called Hope. She has an unusual condition where her heart beats outside of her chest, so some people have suggested following a similar theme when it comes to naming the newest addition by recommending names like "Grace" or something similar.

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