P. Diddy
P. Diddy was mistaken for Kanye West at Art Basel this week. Tumblr

P.Diddy was mistaken for Kanye West this week in Miami, but he took the incident in stride. While at Art Basel, which shows work from artists across the globe, art dealer and collector Jeffrey Deitch bumped into the 44-year-old and said, “Hi Kanye …” before immediately realizing his error.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported that everyone who heard the gaffe was mortified, but P. Diddy laughed out loud and took it quite well.

Deitch explained the situation via e-mail: “There was a big crowd gathered at the entrance to an art fair booth. I asked the dealer what the commotion was about and she said, ‘Kanye is here.’ I could only see the person from the back, and went over to say ‘Hi Kanye.' To my great embarrassment, it turned out to be P Diddy. He thought it was very funny, especially since we had spent several hours together visiting my street art show in Los Angeles.”

While it was not West who Deitch bumped into, West was at the Art Basel as well, accompanied by fiancée Kim Kardashian. They went to a art display on Miami Beach on Wednesday, and each of them complimented what the other wore as Kanye wore all black and Kardashian donned a lacy white gown. Kardashian also brought along her daughter, North, and she shared a photo of her alongside famed artist Jeff Koons.