“Parenthood” fans who watched the 2014 Emmy Awards saw a major spoiler in the new promo for Season 6: Amber was looking at a sonogram. “Parenthood” Season 5 left Amber’s pregnancy test as the major cliffhanger for the summer. While viewers have debated  throughout the hot season of whether she is or isn’t, the promo seems to indicate that Amber is indeed with child -- and Ryan's nonetheless! Amber looks like she might cry in the promo, but are they happy tears or sad tears? Looks like Amber and Ryan might not be thrilled to be starting the next generation of Bravermans. Watch the promo below:

Earlier this summer, showrunner Jason Katims said that the final season of the show would involve "the cycle of life," but that doesn't mean Amber will keep the baby. Technically, Amber and Ryan aren't even together. When they last tried dating their relationship hadn’t exactly been stable. They love each other but Ryan is still struggling with his PTSD. When their relationship hit a rough patch last season he enlisted again. But Amber won’t have to worry about Ryan being deployed again, though. He was discharged after a car accident last year, narrowly escaping a dishonorable discharge. Ryan was drunk driving and reading a text message when he got into his accident, which could have long term repercussions for Ryan’s health.

Then there is their financial situation. Amber has been able to support herself with a job at The Luncheonette, the record label her uncles own. However, she is just an assistant -- with a paycheck that can only handle a small studio apartment. And it's not like Ryan can help chip in. They last time he attempted to adapt to civilian life he couldn't manage to hold down a job. Fingers crossed Crosby picks up the speed on Amber's producer-training.

At the end of Season 5, Ryan wasn't even in San Francisco with Amber. He was headed back to Wyoming with his mother (who had some serious issues with Amber). Amber might not tell him about the pregnancy if she decides not to keep the baby. She could look at her options and choose adoption or abortion. If she does keep the baby and tell Ryan, this might be the push he needs to finally get his life together and come back to San Francisco (he wouldn't be the only ex returning in Season 6). What do you think she’ll do? Take the poll below:

“Parenthood” Season 6 will return to NBC on Thursday, September 25 at 10 p.m. EDT.