A Kentucky teen, who allegedly made a "kill list" last year, has been allowed to return to his school this month.

The 14-year-old unidentified student was reportedly charged with second-degree terroristic threats last year. Now, many parents have expressed their worries and concerns to the school district officials after he was allowed back in Conner High School.

The student was expelled from the school after he made the threats against other classmates when he was in middle school. The incident came to light in November 2021 after a school resource officer got a report about a notebook that had the "kill list" of the individuals the teen reportedly targeted, the New York Post reported.

During a school board meeting in Boone County last week, many parents shared their concerns about the safety of their children, and questioned the district's decision to readmit the teen.

"Whatever help he has gotten, he is still a threat to be in an environment which fostered him to want to do a mass shooting and make a list of our students of Conner Middle School that are now at Conner High School," a worried mother, Deanne Corbin, said.

"As a father of a child on the active kill list, my statements will reflect my opinions based on the information I received from Conner High School," another parent, Rob Bidleman said. "When I received the call from the principal, it was emotionally devastating. All I could think about was my child was in danger when they did nothing wrong," Bidleman added, as reported by NBC News.

Meanwhile, the status of the teen's charges remains unknown as the records are sealed due to the juvenile status, reports said.

According to reports, the son of the principal, Andy Wyckoff, was one of the students who was threatened. Wyckoff said his kid would remain at Conner High School, even though many parents have moved their children.

Boone County School District Superintendent Matthew Turner said he cannot change the decision as every child has the right to an education, and urged the concerned parents to talk to their local state legislator.

"The Kentucky Constitution guarantees the right to a public education for every child without prejudice, and we are obligated to follow state law," Turner said in a letter to the parents.

Turner also assured the parents all children would be safe at the school and officials have taken adequate safety measures.

"I can assure you all appropriate safety measures have been taken and are in place. Conner High School remains a safe school," Turner said.

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