A 10-year-old Michigan boy is facing felony charges after he allegedly made a "hit list" of students who were mean to him and brought a knife to his school.

The child in question brought a knife to Prevail Academy in Mt. Clemens on Tuesday and "had a "hit list" of children who were mean to him and called him names," the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office said in a news release Thursday.

After bringing the weapon to school, the juvenile asked one of his peers to hold another boy down so he could stab him. But instead of complying, the fellow student managed to take the knife away from the accused juvenile and later handed the weapon over to an adult while he was being picked up from school, MLive.com reported.

"The juvenile who gave the knife to an adult is a hero. He saw something and said something which saved lives," Macomb County Prosecutor Peter J. Lucido said in the statement.

The 10-year-old boy was charged with solicitation of assault with a dangerous weapon (4-year felony), and having a weapon in a weapon-free school (93-day misdemeanor), according to the statement.

He was arraigned Wednesday by Referee Linda Harrison and given a $500 personal bond. His release was allowed but he was placed on house arrest and will have a GPS tether.

"He may only leave the house for medical, school or court purposes. The defendant is to have no possession of controlled substances or weapons, and no contact with the witness or anyone on his hit list," the news release stated.

Following the incident, Prevail Academy became the first school to receive the Macomb County Prosecutor's Hero Award.

The Hero Award was created by Lucido to reward Macomb County schools when a staff member or student reports any violation regarding "weapons, violence, or threats to school administration or police," the statement said.

"The Hero Award acknowledges the hero in that school who was proactive, to prevent a potential tragedy," the statement continued. "These awards are unnamed as to the individual(s) (anonymous) and given to the school to honor the hero who heard something, saw something, knew something, said something and/or did something."

Students were asked by the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office to keep an eye out and report any such unusual behavior so that tragedies can be avoided and students and staffers of Macomb County schools are safe.

Lucido also asked parents to ensure their children speak up about such instances.

"Parents, make sure your child or the student speaks up that if they know it, see it, or are told about it, at least be vigilant enough to tell your student for your own public protection as well as the other students, faculty and staff say something, do something, be the hero in your school, and no one will have to go ahead and worry because the students are policing themselves," Lucido said, as quoted by CBS News.

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