• The 1-year-old girl died on July 10
  • The cause of death was fentanyl and cocaine intoxication
  • Charquez Giles and Latonia Clemons were arrested Thursday

A couple in Florida has been arrested after their 1-year-old daughter died of a drug overdose. Just weeks ago, the husband was arrested for injuring their 6-year-old child.

Charquez Giles, 26, and Latonia Clemons, 36, of Lake Worth Beach, were arrested Thursday on charges of child neglect and third-degree murder in connection with their toddler's death last month. A medical examiner ruled that the child's death was caused by fentanyl and cocaine intoxication, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said in a news release.

The toddler was found abandoned outside a relative's home on July 10. She died later that day at a hospital in West Palm Beach.

The child's paternal aunt told investigators that when she opened the front door after hearing a knock, she saw the child on her doorstep. The toddler was rushed to a hospital but did not survive.

"We deal with crime all the time, but when it comes to children, it's personal," Palm Beach County Sheriff said.

According to court records, Giles was arrested a day after the toddler's death on child abuse charges for injuring his 6-year-old son. After the girl's death, the boy was with a caretaker, who alerted officials about multiple wounds all over the child's body, The Palm Beach Post reported.

A medical examination revealed that the child had cuts on his ears, face, cheek, neck, chest, abdomen, shoulders, thighs and legs. Investigators said he was hit with a fist, belt and an electric cord.

The child reportedly told the caretaker that he did not talk about the injuries as he did not want Giles to get into trouble. He said Giles assaulted him once by hitting him with a cord made of wires after tying up his hands and stripping him naked. On another occasion, Giles reportedly punched on his face and dug his nails into his ears and neck, causing him to bleed, CBS12 reported citing court records.

Giles was scheduled to appear in court for child abuse charges on Sept. 23. Meanwhile, the couple is awaiting their first appearance on murder charges.

Representational image. Pixabay