Monday marked the two year anniversary of the disappearance of two teenage boys in Florida after they were lost at sea. Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, both 14, have long been presumed dead — but a legal fight between the two families is just beginning.

Perry's family filed a wrongful death suit Friday alleging negligence on the part of Austin’s family. The lawsuit claimed the Stephanos family allowed the boys to go fishing alone despite knowing Perry was not allowed to do so and that the family knew they were going deep-sea fishing in inadequate conditions.

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“If he was not permitted to travel into the ocean, against his mother’s explicit wishes, and despite promises she received from defendants that they would honor her wishes, Perry would be alive today,” the lawsuit on behalf of Pamela Cohen stated.

The lawsuit named Austin’s mother, Carly Black, his father, William “Blu” Stephanos, his stepfather, Richard Black Jr. and his grandfather, Richard Kuntz, as parties involved in boys’ disappearance. Black’s lawyer released a statement Sunday regarding the suit, according to the Sun Sentinel.

“July 24 marks the two year anniversary of the tragic disappearance of Austin and Perry. The last two years have been a period of grieving and sadness for Carly and her family, as well as the family of Perry. Both families are broken hearted by this loss. Carly is further saddened, (but not completely surprised, given the litigation previously initiated by the Cohen family), that they have now filed a lawsuit for money damages against Carly and her entire family, including her husband, Bubba, who was out of the country on the day the boys disappeared. Now, everyone will be forced to relive this horrible nightmare on a daily basis in order to defend this lawsuit and to prepare for trial.

The Cohen family alleges that Carly, and her family members, caused the death of Perry as well as the death of Carly’s own child, Austin. The evidence will contradict these allegations made by the Cohens’ attorney at his Friday press conference on the courthouse steps, as well as the claims made in this lawsuit. This loss was a tragedy for both families, and this course of protracted litigation chosen by the Cohen family will not bring the boys back. In spite of recent events, Carly and her family continue to honor the lives and special friendship between Perry and Austin and the extraordinary efforts of an entire community two years ago. As a result of the filing of the lawsuit, Carly and her attorneys will not be able to make any further public statements at this time and would encourage the Cohens and their attorneys to do the same.”

Austin’s father also released a statement Sunday through his attorney.

Michael Pike, the attorney for Austin’s father Blu Stephanos, said he was disappointed and refuted the allegations made by Mr. Rubin, saying his client didn’t know the boys were going out fishing on that tragic day and that his son was in the custody of his mother at the time, with whom Blu was divorced for many years. In fact, Blue was scheduled to have Austin for the weekend before tragedy struck. Blu Stephanos was not negligent in any manner, and was not the owner of the vessel. Despite Mr. Rubin’s comments, Blu Stephanos was out searching for the boys by boat and by helicopter, an area spanning from Florida to Georgia.”

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Perry’s family said in a statement they were sticking by allegations of negligence, according to the Miami Herald.

Responsible parents would have checked the weather before letting the kids go out. Responsible parents would have respected the directions and trust given to them by the parents of a child in their custody. Responsible parents have nothing to hide and are fully cooperative and transparent so other grieving parents are not wondering and waiting for questions to be answered.”