Paris Jackson’s family life is facing scrutiny after a suicide attempt landed her in the hospital. The 15-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe slit her at least one of her wrists and took as many as 20 ibuprofen pills before being rushed to medical treatment, TMZ reported Wednesday.

The teenager reportedly threw a fit over not being able to go to a Marilyn Manson concert, and now a source is alleging that one of her co-guardians, grandmother Katherine Jackson, is unable to properly care for M.J.’s middle child.

“Paris loves her grandmother, but feels that Katherine can’t provide for her emotional needs,” a source told People magazine. “She and Katherine are close, but it just isn’t working for Paris. That’s why Paris has turned to Debbie Rowe. There is something missing in Paris’ life. The family hasn’t really taken this serious.”

Katherine Jackson was granted full custody of Paris when the King of Pop unexpectedly died in 2010. But when the 83-year-old matriarch went missing in August 2012, cousin TJ Jackson was named temporary guardian.

A different source added that Katherine Jackson has become “consumed” by M.J.’s wrongful-death trial and hasn’t been able to properly tend to Paris. “It’s really sad,” the source added. “Paris is the girl who has everything, but the girl who has nothing. She’s so alone.”

Paris Jackson has been dealing with depression for the past few months, finding it unbearable to deal with her father’s death: “Paris went to UCLA Medical Center a few months back for depression and because she was feeling suicidal. She misses her father greatly,” a source told People. “She was the center of Michael’s world. And it’s all different now. She’s just one of many grandkids now.”

Paris Jackson recently reconnected with her biological mother Rowe, 56, to ease the pain of her father’s passing, the source added. “That’s one of the reasons she reached out to Debbie Rowe -- she wants a family, she’s missed her dad.”

According to, Paris Jackson was bullied at her private school and won’t be returning once she is released from the hospital. “[It] has already been decided she won’t be going back to the school she had been attending,” a family source told the site. “Paris had been absolutely miserable at the school for a long time, and there is a clique of mean girls that had been bullying her.”