Avihai Burstin has been a serial entrepreneur for his entire professional life. After his military service, in 1994, he established "Startup Topic 2000" in Israel. The company developed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software by connecting the financial and operational systems to a central database, which was a brand new concept outside of manufacturing during that decade. The company's software was very successful and was used by over 2,000 businesses in Israel. In 1998, the company was acquired by Creative Software LTD for a substantial amount of money.

Avihai Burstin
Avihai Burstin Avihai Burstin

In 1996, Avihai established Net Lee - Creative Software Ltd in Israel and led the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Departments. The company became one of Israel's leading distributors of Hardware and Software for small businesses. He grew the sales from 300,000 to 1.2M in just three years. The company was purchased by GUY Computers in Haifa Israel in 1998 and the same year, Avihai decided to study law, with an emphasis on business law.

After graduating with honors from the UEL School of Law in London, Avihai worked for 2 years for an existing law firm, but he quickly decided to open his own law firm. He founded his own law firm in October 2004, in Israel, specializing in the technology industry. In 2009, he expanded his practice to Canada, where he established a foreign legal practice in Toronto. He supported clients in residential and commercial real estate, proving his expertise in Contract Law and Property Law nationally and internationally. During his time as founder, owner, and managing attorney, Avihai built an even more robust and dynamic skillset in negotiating deals, closing contracts, and working through challenging obstacles.

With his in-depth knowledge surrounding business deals, contracts, and legal proceedings, opening Startline Consulting LLC in Arizona was a natural next step. This advisory firm supported its clients in navigating strategic ventures, improving daily operations, and much more. Avihai offered the perfect blend of support to his clients, consulting on everything from immigration topics to legal solutions, and even global transactions.

Throughout everything he does, Avihai focuses on cultivating a sense of trust and understanding with his clients, making him stand out as a leader and as a partner. His ability to see large-scale issues and approach the problem in an actionable way is unparalleled. His entrepreneurial brain constantly considers how things could be done better, what problems need to be solved, and who the key stakeholders are.

More recently, Avihai undertook a new challenge in a field he had never even considered for most of his entrepreneurial career: beauty. And he became the founder of a company offering natural soaps sold under the brand "Soap des Jours". At the beginning of 2020, the stores were making $1.2 million per year and had 12 employees. Due to the company's increasing success, in 2022, the company is opening two new stores: one in Utah, and one in California.

The beauty industry's impact on the environment is clear; generating 120 billion units of plastic packaging and destroying 18 million acres of forest each year is just the tip of the iceberg. Aside from wasteful packaging and harmful production processes, many skincare businesses sell products filled with harmful chemicals, hurting the exact people they claim to serve. Soap des Jours' natural, environmentally friendly approach to soaps won't solve climate change, but it will have a major impact as it grows and raises awareness around this issue.

Avihai has proven that he can stand at the helm of any organization, shape its future, and steer it towards success, which not many other people can do. His attention to detail, ability to adapt on the go, and impressive business acumen give Avihai a leg up, but his natural leadership skills and desire to solve problems are what make him the exceptional entrepreneur he is.

To Avihai, there's no such thing as a "standard" career path. Each experience is valuable, offering lessons that you cannot find anywhere else. At some point, all those experiences come together and propel you in a direction that may be different than you ever imagined, but that's the beauty of entrepreneurship. The open-ended possibilities and opportunity to shape his future are what keep Avihai going. The work is tiresome, but at the end of each day, he feels inspired to solve a new problem, learn a new niche, and take a new risk. That's the mindset that sets good entrepreneurs from great ones, and Avihai, he's a great one.