Patty Jenkins
Patty Jenkins already has a plan for the “Wonder Woman” sequel. In the photo, the filmmaker arrives at the premiere of her film “Monster” at the Vue Cinema, in Leicester Square, London on March 31, 2004. Reuters/Rune Hellestad

Even before “Wonder Woman” makes its way to the big screen, the film’s director, Patty Jenkins, has already been cooking up exciting plans for its sequel.

It seems like the director is confident about the movie’s success because she has already envisioned how the heroine will travel to a new location. “I’m excited for her to come to America and become the Wonder Woman we are all familiar with from having grown up around her as an American superhero,” Jenkins told the Sun. “I’d like to bring her a little farther along into the future and have a fun, exciting storyline that is its own thing. ‘Wonder Woman’ 1 is so much about her becoming the person she is. I can’t wait to spring forward with who she is and have another great standalone superhero film.”

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Jenkins added that making the origin story for Diana Prince, princess of the Amazons, was such a dream come true for her that she would not hesitate to return and continue her journey. “I always thought the origin story would be the great way to go,” she said. “I love origin superhero stories and I love the simplicity you can have with that journey. Also, there was the fact that no one had done her story and the fact that I love her. So it was a treasure trove of potential.”

Meanwhile, lead star Gal Gadot said her character is all set to inspire both men and women alike. Gadot told Comic Book that Diana is all about gender equality, and in this age of divide, her presence is desperately needed. “I feel very proud that finally this movie’s being made, because ... All of you guys, all men, all boys, always have a figure to look up to whether it's Superman, or Batman, or Spider-Man, or whatever it is they always had heroes to look up to,” Gadot said. “Girls, it’s always the princesses. We’re being saved, we’re being passive, and finally Wonder Woman. She’s fierce, she’s proactive, she believes in herself, she believes through everything and that’s a true moment for me.”

However, kids would have to watch the movie with caution with their parents because the film has received a PG-13 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), according to Batman News. The MPAA explained that the film was given this rating because of “sequences of violence and action, and some suggestive content.”

Jenkins already teased that there will be an intense battle on a beach that would forever alter the life of young Diana, and it would completely change “her understanding of what warfare is.” Maybe something violent and heart-wrenching happens during that scene, so parents have to be on the look-out.

Despite this warning, Jenkins is proud of the elaborate details of the action scenes for the movie, and she guarantees it will blow people away. “Really, every action sequence is from her point-of-view and for her story. So, there was no point in the movie that we ever stepped out, and were like ‘Look at this extravaganza!’” she told DC Entertainment.

“Wonder Woman” will be released on June 2.