Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot has provided a very good reason why people of all genders should watch “Wonder Woman.” In this photo, the actress celebrates the unveiling of the renovated Tiffinay & Co. Beverly Hills store at Tiffany & Co. on Oct. 13, 2016 in Beverly Hills. Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown

Most boys love superhero flicks, but would they still love “Wonder Woman,” a movie which stars a female character?

Gal Gadot, who plays the titular hero in Patty Jenkins’ film, believes guys should give the movie a chance. She even told Comic Book that the film’s message and story appeals to people of different genders.

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“This is a truly universal story,” she said. “It's such a universal story. It's a beautiful story about a beautiful soul trying to save the world and doing battle and she doesn't know much about what she's getting into. She's very naïve, but the love of her life is educating her and showing her, in a very sophisticated way, he shows her the reality that she got into. It's just a beautiful love story about a girl who's growing up.”

Of course, most men need no prodding to ogle the gorgeous actress on the big screen. The girls, on the other hand, might be watching the film because they want a positive role model in their lives. And this is exactly what Gadot wishes.

“Wonder Woman is iconic, and she does bring responsibility,” Gadot told BBC. “Wonder Woman has a very simple agenda - she believes in good and that people should be happy.”

Gadot is extremely proud of the upcoming movie because, according to her, “finally, we are in an interesting era when women can be whoever we really are.”

Earlier, “Wonder Woman” comic book writer Greg Rucka told Comicosity that the beloved superhero from Themyscira is actually bisexual. People embraced this development, as did Gadot herself. The actress told Variety that even though Diana Prince’s bisexuality wasn’t explored in her standalone film, her attraction towards women actually makes a lot of sense.

“Wonder Woman” will be released on June 2.