• Paul Mescal said "Normal People" Season 2 is not in the cards
  • A show producer confirmed that they have no plans to make a second season
  • A compilation of the intimate scenes from "Normal People" is circulating online

Paul Mescal gave an update about the anticipated second season of Hulu’s “Normal People.”

The much-loved book “Normal People” scored a TV adaptation that aired on Hulu and BBC Three. The first season was a huge success and the viewers are already looking forward to Season 2.

Mescal, the lead actor playing opposite Daisy Edgar-Jones on the show, gave an update about the series. However, fans might not like what he said.

“I I do feel like the series that has finished is its own thing, and I'm totally comfortable with that,” he told Daily Mail.

“It's not [in] the cards at the moment, but if I got the opportunity to play him again, amazing.”

Mescal shared that for him, the character is still alive and breathing. He added that Cornell’s relationship with Marianne is still “unfinished” business.

Just like what Mescal said, show producer Ed Guiney confirmed that they currently have no plans for a second season.

“We're not thinking about a second season at the moment,” Guiney told The Hollywood Reporter.

“Maybe in the future at some point in time. What we are doing is the same team are adapting ‘Conversations With Friends’, which is Sally's first book. Obviously [it] is a cousin of ‘Normal People’ in a way, but it's also quite different.”

He added that they already “[told] a very complete story about these characters lives” on the concluded show, so making another season is not something that they are going to do.

However, director Lenny Abrahamson has a different opinion. For him, the next season could show a reunion between Connell and Marianne 10 years later.

“I have a fantasy of doing a kind of ten year seeing where they are in ten years time sort of thing, if I’m not too decrepit at that point,” he told Radio Times.

Meanwhile, a compilation of the of intimate scenes from the TV series was recently uploaded on Pornhub. Guiney already ordered the adult site to remove it and the latter complied.

However, according to a legal expert, the problem is not new at all. “Game of Thrones” also experienced the same issue because “it happens all the time” and it is difficult to end. In fact, even if the clip has alread been removed on Pornhub, the intimate scenes are still circulating on other sites.

Craig Erwich, SVP and Head of Content at Hulu, speaks onstage at the Hulu Summer TCA Presentation at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Aug. 9, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images